Prejudgment, it’s absolutely necessary

Prejudge, prejudgment, and prejudice, why do these words have such a bad reputation?  Like most problems, the society responds to one extreme with the opposite end of the spectrum.  Example is the solution to discrimination, affirmative action, was in place for close to 40 years until California finally banned it in 1997.  The politicians meant well, they wanted to eliminate discrimination against minority races, women, and the disabled.  However, similar to most reactionary regulations, the answer to the problem created reverse racism and resentment towards the minorities that were less qualified.
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Maternity Leave – California Family Rights Act (CFRA) and Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

Well, before we get in too deep, this article is only going to cover the “maternity” aspect of these two regulations, not the “health condition” aspect.  For those of you outside of California, CFRA is basically the California edition of the Federal FMLA so for the purposes of this article, I am only going to be discussing the common aspect of the regulation: employees have the right to be on unpaid leave for up to 12 work-weeks during any 12-months period and the employers MUST grant the leave.  This means the employer must allow the employee to return to the same or equal position when the employee returns to work within 12 workweeks.
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