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UCLA students can be racist, but not straight up retarded

Just a little background on this YouTube sensation

Name: Alexandra Wallace
School: UCLA
Major: Political Science
IQ: somewhere between a rock and a cactus

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Abandoned Baby

Another fine example of why this country has problems.

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Arizona Senate Bill 1070 on Immigration: A Step in the Right Direction

Why are people so pissed off about the state of Arizona taking a hard stance in enhancing and enforcing an existing federal law?  Before all of you democrats start calling me a republican, please refer to my article about Religion.

This is a step in the right direction, not in the sense that the bill is bringing something new to the table, but that the bill is just reminding us to “do what we say and say what we do”.
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Michelle Phan, Master Con Artist

What’s the deal with Michelle Phan?  Who is she?

Just search her name on YouTube and you will see plenty of beauty tutorial videos created by her.  She has been making videos for three years and it paid off for her last year when her online videos became viral.  Her popularity on YouTube was a major factor in why Lancôme chose her as the “official video makeup artist for Lancôme”.  As of February 2010, she will be “creating one special video a month for the brand showcasing different products, trends, backstage events, and more”.  (Quoted directly from her “My Exciting News!” video)
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Marriage, it’s a choice

I have wanted to write about marriage for a while so what better time to do it than when Tiger Woods is all over the news?

Let’s set the foundation.  Marriage is an institution promoted by governments to not only collect income tax from the profits generated in all the cost involved in the wedding, but also promote the idea of “family” to create stability and sustain population.  These are efforts to ensure the government has enough revenue to be self sustaining.  For those reasons, the government created more than 1,000 legal rights for married couples to promote the behavior of getting married. (refer to my other posts for other examples of where the government changes behavior through legislation)
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The Duggars

My coworker recently introduced me to a reality TV series called “18 Kids and Counting”.  Yes, that’s not a typo, it does say EIGHTEEN.  Forget Jon and Kate plus 8.  Even the infamous Octomom has ONLY 14 children.  They have nothing on the Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar.  This freak of nature family lives in Tonitown, Arkansas.
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