UCLA students can be racist, but not straight up retarded

Just a little background on this YouTube sensation

Name: Alexandra Wallace
School: UCLA
Major: Political Science
IQ: somewhere between a rock and a cactus

You might think, “Well, how do you know she’s dumb? You don’t know her! Who are you to say she is dumb?” All very valid questions and if you don’t agree she is retarded after watching the video link above, then let me break down the evidences for you into two sections, Statements Made and Lack of Common Sense.


1. “these hordes of Asian people that UCLA accepts into our school every year, which is fine”

Oh, it’s fine, is it? Good, for a minute there I thought you weren’t going to be fine with Asians being accepted to UCLA, then what would we do? Oh right, nothing because no one is asking for your permission, you idiot. Have you ever stopped to think about why so many, or as you say, “hordes of”, Asians are annually accepted into one of the top twenty-five universities in the nation? Whatever the reason may be, thank you for pointing out how awesome Asians are.

2. “comes here on the weekends to do their laundry, buy their grocery, and cook their food for the week”

Hey, cry baby! Asian parents are willing to sacrifice their weekends to help out their children because they want their children to have as much time studying as possible. I don’t know whether that is good or bad for the children, but there is one thing that I do know, it is none of your damn business.

3. “when I am about to like reach an epiphany”

Don’t lie, we know you like have never like had anything remotely like close to an epiphany, like. In fact, like I want you to like spell epiphany.

4. “oooh, ching chong lang long ting tong, oooh”

Okay, I have to admit, that was funny. You had me at “oooh”.

5. “polite, nice American girl that my mama raised me to be”

Okay, is this a joke? You couldn’t have possibly meant it right? Tell me you were just trying to pull a “Jessica Simpson” moment. If not, please go see a therapist.

6. “just checking on everybody from the tsunami thing”

The tsunami “thing”? Are you serious? Please refer to the Lack of Common Sense section.


You might say, “Hey, everyone is entitled to their opinion and she is free to speak what is on her mind so who are you to say what she can or cannot say?”

I am not saying she cannot make these statements and I am not even saying she cannot make these statements publicly on forums as big as YouTube. She had the RIGHT to do everything she did.  However, just because you have the right to do something does it mean it’ll be smart or, in her case, safe to do it?

Just because a woman has every right in the world to walk down a dark alley in her mini skirt and low cut blouse, does it mean she should do it? All I am asking for is a little common sense from an UCLA student? Is that too much to ask? Apparently so.

Common sense 1: You go to UCLA so don’t publicly mock Asians, period.

Common sense 2: Don’t say “the tsunami thing” because it sounds like you are downplaying one of the biggest disasters in the world right now.

Common sense 3: Before you post a video up on the internet, think twice about the potential audience and the possible ramifications thereof.

I seriously think Alexandra Wallace will show up on the 8 o’clock news within, oh let’s just say, a week and it won’t be good news. Does she “deserve” a lynching? Perhaps not. However, would I be surprised if it did happen to her? Most likely not… Just sayin’… Even racists need to learn some common sense.

P.S. I am not encouraging anyone to hurt her because I think her living in constant fear right now is punishment enough for her stupidity. Besides, I am sure some groups don’t need any encouragement from anyone to act out their anger towards her. If I were her, I’d just transfer to another school because she will not have one day of peace in UCLA.


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