Abandoned Baby

Another fine example of why this country has problems.


While I do believe the Safe Haven Law in California does provide babies with a fighting chance, I don’t believe it is a solution.  This is what this country loves to do, come up with politically correct remedies that create a new and different problems, giving us the perception of solving the first problem.

How about we make laws that punish people who have kids when they shouldn’t be having kids.  I believe this Yahoo article is a good segway into my new topic “License to have children” that I am working on.  Just think about it for a second, haven’t you ever had the thought “he/she should not be having (more) kid(s)”.  If not, then let me put things in perspective.   If we require people to pass tests to have a driver license, doctors to pass tests to practice medicine, laywers to pass tests to practice law, then why the fuck don’t we require people to pass qualifier examinations before they can be parents?


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