Michelle Phan, Master Con Artist

What’s the deal with Michelle Phan?  Who is she?

Just search her name on YouTube and you will see plenty of beauty tutorial videos created by her.  She has been making videos for three years and it paid off for her last year when her online videos became viral.  Her popularity on YouTube was a major factor in why Lancôme chose her as the “official video makeup artist for Lancôme”.  As of February 2010, she will be “creating one special video a month for the brand showcasing different products, trends, backstage events, and more”.  (Quoted directly from her “My Exciting News!” video)

So why am I calling this 22 year old internet sensation a “master con artist”? Well, if you watch her videos, such as “Clubbing Makeup Tutorial Ep 1” and “New Years Glam”, you will see how she transforms her face from a “4” to a “9”.  Makeup is supposed to make a “4” into a “5” or a “6”, or a “7’ into an “8”, but making a “4” into a “9” is egregious enough to constitute fraud.  Michelle Phan needs to be charged with Fraud, Conspiracy, and Accessory to Fraud (look up the definitions yourself) because she is a damn Con Artist.


The fact that she can camouflage her face so much so that you cannot recognize her original “4” face is fraudulent in nature.  To give out tutorial on how to commit fraud is basically a conspiracy against men in general.  Even if one could argue she is not misrepresenting her face because she has shown everyone her true face on YouTube, you cannot argue against the fact that she’s aiding women in misrepresenting their faces, which is accessory to fraud.


Michelle Phan is a 4

Straight Up Fraud

Before you think it is too harsh to charge her with these crimes, let’s go over some basic logic.  Would you say a woman who has a face that is aesthetically pleasing has a definite advantage in life?  I am sure the same could be argued for men, but let us be honest, the potential is much greater for a woman.  A woman that is easy on the eyes can have an advantage over a myriad of life events ranging from landing a job or marrying a rich husband to talking her way out of a traffic ticket or getting free drinks at a bar.  In a sense, the woman is using her “looks” to “buy” a house, a ticket, or a drink.  I do not have any problems with a beautiful woman having advantages in life because we all play with the cards we are dealt with.  Where I do have a problem is when you are dealt with a two of club and you somehow print an ace of spade picture on your card, which is what is happening here.  What would happen to you if you were caught doing that in Vegas?  What would happen if you tried to draw an extra zero on your ten dollar bill and tried to pass it as a hundred dollar bill?  If you got caught, you would be put in jail.

By the same token, what Michelle Phan is doing should be considered as “counterfeiting”.  The same penalties should apply to Michelle Phan and all of her minions of “4 and under” who apply her witchcraft on their faces to fool the rest of the world.  What Michelle Phan is asking women to do is to put correction fluid (foundation and concealer) over a dollar bill (your “4” face) to cover any evidence that it’s just a dollar bill (wrinkles, pimples, freckles, etc) and then use a printing press (makeup brushes and pencils) to make it a hundred dollar bill (a new “8” or “9” face with perfect complexion).

There is nothing wrong with people who put on some light makeup for special occasions because most people can still guess what you look like underneath the mask, but to deceit others by filling every single crevice and concealing every bump on your face and drawing a new face on?  Well, that’s almost as evil as ethnic cleansing.  Okay, maybe not as bad, but you get the point.

Let me now address some of the issues people may have about what I said above.

A. Why are you calling Michelle Phan a “4”?! She is not that bad looking without makeup!

Well, people who make the majority of their income based on looks (actresses, pop idols, Michelle Phan, etc) should be held to a higher standard.  It’s their livelihood to look good so they are failing at their job if they don’t.  A fat model is not a fat person, just a fat model.  Take Sarah Jessica Parker for example, she’s a “-5” for an actress (yes, negative five because she’s mofabugly!) but a solid “2” if she’s was just a neighbor of mine.  Please don’t give me B.S. about how Michelle Phan is not famous because of her looks.  You know for a fact that Lancome would not be paying her a dime if she was a “1” that made herself look like a “5” with makeup.  They are paying her because she does look like a “9” after makeup.  What I will give Michelle Phan credit for are her boobs, which actually look real, even to my female friends.  However, knowing how her face is actually 93.6% fake, I wouldn’t be surprised if the “twins” are somehow artificial as well.  And by twins I mean her boobs, and by artificial, I mean padding or knowing her mastery of makeup witchcraft, “drawn on” with Lancôme boob brush # 327 (ladies, don’t try to search for this brush on Amazon because I made it up).

B. If you are saying makeup is illegal, then designer clothing should be illegal as well and if that’s the case, we might as well walk around naked just to not “defraud” anyone.

Number one, I never said makeup should be illegal, just what Michelle Phan is doing with makeup should be illegal (analogous to the argument that guns shouldn’t be illegal, but it should be illegal to shoot people with guns).  Number two, clothing cannot cover everything and while I agree a person can cover up a lot of fat with loose clothing, at a certain point, people will wonder why you are always in oversized “pregger” suits or why you never wear sleeveless.  You will definitely stand out in a club, as a woman, without either skin tight or revealing clothing, so you won’t be able to hide that fat forever.  Men will be able to do the fat math in their head and figure out what’s going on.   The same goes for men, no amount of money can buy a tailored dress shirt that can cover up the beer belly.  The face, however, used to only have a standard deviation of 1 or 2, but Michelle Phan just increased it to 4 or 5.  Now that any woman can look like a “9”, how are the men suppose to know who truly deserves their attention?

C. What’s the big deal?  This is just like any enhancement surgery or a person who worked out a lot to look thinner.  It’s all fake for the time being.

This is simple.  Enhancement surgeries last much longer than a day, most last for years, so a man won’t have to wake up the morning after with the risk of suffering irreparable emotional trauma.  You won’t have to worry about screaming at the top of your lungs the next morning when the sunlight hits her makeup-less face, which may be followed by you hitting her face as a reflex response to seeing a stranger next to you.  The saddest part would be that you may have been sober when you went to bed, but you will definitely wake up wishing you were drunk, or blind, … or dead.


The bottom line is, what Michelle Phan is doing should be illegal.  Men should be protected from being victimized by these fraudulent acts and women need to own up to the way they look naturally so that they can be honest with themselves and with others.


126 responses to “Michelle Phan, Master Con Artist

  1. I don’t think she’s a 4 without makeup. You should watch more of her videos. She’s always without makeup in the beginning of most of those “tutorials”. In that clubbing one you linked she’d just gained a bit of weight and try filming yourself in front of an HD camera.

    she’s quite cute even without makeup. of course she’s bangin’ with it

    one example:

    • uncensoredinsight

      I will count this video as one of the support for why she’s a “4”. Thanks.

    • Wow she looks horrible in this video. The makeup was horrendous. She actually looked better without make up in this example.

      • uncensoredinsight

        Well, I do think she was just putting on makeup for the sake of having makeup on her face to be removed by EVOO so I do agree with you both of you that she looked better without makeup, but only in this video. Michelle Phan with makeup in this video = “3”, without makeup in this video = “4”.

        Thanks for coming back for a visit, yellow fever.

  2. nuff said. I’m going to stop here cos I don’t want to come off as some creeper michelle stan lol

  3. btw personally I would compare girls putting on makeup to guys working out. yes girls can work out too and a slim girl who exercises is hot but no one wants a ripped girl, that’ just nasty. on the other hand some plain lookin’ dude can get a six pack and drastically improve his chances.

    actually, this reminds me of sth else. the fact that while appearances matter for both girls and guys, they matter far more for girls. it is common knowledge that a successful but ugly guy could land a hot babe but rarely the other way around.

    I’m hoping this post is half in jest – I read it as so and laughed at parts of it – but otherwise it’s just overall flawed 😛

    • uncensoredinsight

      My whole point was how her makeup is only good for the night and you will see her true face the next day. Workout, however, is not analogous to makeup because it takes months to build up the desired physique (not minutes) and it still takes weeks to ruin the physique (not the morning after). Therefore, what is flawed is your attempt to compare makeup to workout. Thanks for the comment though!

  4. OK I initially didn’t want to write an actual real response, but here goes.

    point taken about the difference between working out and muscles, but that’s not my overall point.

    you gloss over the part where I mentioned how women already have it worse than men when it comes to being judged because of appearance. The whole beauty industry exists because of this. I understand your core point at the end is about women being honest to themselves and also to men but – despite your claim that the point of this blog is supposed to be “uncensored” and thus worried with being politically correct – your argument for “honesty” just comes off as so fake in itself considering the scathing tone you take throughout the entire article in basically tearing this girl down.

    your talk of judging girls on a scale or whatever – you could call it honesty if you want but in its superficiality/judgment it kind of defeats the purpose of your talk of honesty/truth/etc. to begin with. there is being honest vs. just being mean, as I doubt you would say this to a girl’s face. I’m going to be honest myself and say that you’re not wrong with the fact that many girls fake it with makeup and then shock their significant other when they wake up the next morning – but that’s also why I commented that I thought this post might be half in jest – because the fact that you say this should be illegal is just ludicrous. in those instances where those “poor” men are tricked by such “deceitful” girls I see it as nothing other than karmic retribution for their superficiality to begin with. I’m not going to lie and say that looks don’t matter at all, ‘cos honestly looks always factor in for everyone no matter what – but the premise of your post and the accusation you’re putting out makes it so that it’s impossible to reinforce whatever solution you would have for this kind of “Fraud”.

    first is your judgment of her attractiveness level. I’m sorry for pulling an old and tired cliche out of my ass but beauty really is “subjective”, how are we supposed to determine what “beauty” is to begin with. We’re not talking about a fair maiden vs. a troll, but there are people who think Jessica Alba and Natalie Portman are below average while I think they are both solid 9’s. No kidding. SO first off by whose standards should we use to enforce the extent of how much makeup a girl is allowed to use before she’s deemed as a fraud? Are we going to have makeup police?

    Quickly glossing over my comment I come off as pretty incoherent and chaotic but lol I’m typing this out in a rush before I have to leave. It’s kind of lame to commit so much to a random blog comment anyway. I have more to say but there’s no point. Sorry for the ramble 😛

    • uncensoredinsight

      I will address the points you were trying to make,

      1. I didn’t gloss over the part where you mentioned how women already have it worse. In my post, I already mentioned that a women’s potential to benefit from her looks is much greater. The fact that a women has greater potential to benefit also means they have greater potential to be harmed (risk is proportional to gain/loss).
      2. “uncensored” does not mean “worried with being politically correct”. It means the opposite.
      3. I do call it honesty to judge girls on a scale.
      4. These posts, as you will see, points out the way things should be, not necessarily the ways it can be. It is the just the fastest way of eliminating behaviors and/or problems without having to worry about moral code (another component of “uncensored”)
      5. That truly is an old and tired cliché you pulled out of your ass. You are basically saying “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. I don’t waste time with exceptions and outliers, so to say there is someone who finds Jessica Alba unattractive means nothing and does not prove any point. Beauty is in the eye of the general public.
      6. Fraud is fraud so the way people get convicted of fraud is the same way we will police and enforce “facial fraud”. And the standard of beauty will be determined by the legal definition of a “reasonable person” in a jury trial. Again, not saying this will ever be implemented, just saying that it should be.

      A big thanks for writing a long comment because I enjoy any type of discussion on topics that I am passionate about.

  5. The reason I initially hesitated in writing out a long post is internet debates often get ugly and needlessly so, but you’ve been respectful thus far so what the hell lol.

    It’s much more organized when you number it, so I’ll follow that.

    1. I don’t look at it that way at all, and I doubt most women (and hopefully most people) would either. It’s a double standard that will probably not change in 10, 20 or 50 years. Of course I understand what you mean when you say “more to benefit as well as more to lose” but that women have to be judged so disproportionately based on their looks (something shallow and fleeting as opposed to intellect or personality) is not only unfair, it’s simply ridiculous. and it’s kind of a self-perpetuating cycle where women strive to look a certain way because they know of this double standard and that in itself makes men become so used to artificial beauty that many can’t even tell anymore what natural boobs are, not to mention causing the general public to build up their standards to an unrealistic level.

    this is all cliched but when it comes to this type of discussion it’s inevitable to bring it up 😛

    2. I totally got that, I just worded my comment in a confusing way haha.

    3. But it’s also a bit douchey, no? Idk, maybe it’s just me and my sensitivity. let’s be honest here, most people in the world are average to below average to begin with. I’m not sure how your scale works but I’m assuming from 1-10, a 5 is average right?

    4. Got it.

    5. Gotcha, but seeing as how we have differing views on Michelle’s attractiveness level without makeup, we also have different perspectives on how the public in general evaluates her attractiveness level without makeup. I doubt we could have some kind of 100 percent accurate survey to find out either, as you’ll find comments all over the board concerning what she looks like with and without makeup. It’s clear that most people would agree that she looks better with makeup, but what woman doesn’t? I swear you could google “celebs without makeup” and come up with some pretty gruesome pictures of most of hollywood’s starlets. But whether the general public would agree that Michelle is a 4 is another matter altogether.

    6. LOL. Sorry, but I honestly just find that ridiculous and wrong on so many levels 😛 That women feel the need to cover themselves up and perpetuate an illusion is a symptom of sexism and a double standard. While people may easily consider the man to be the victim in these cases – the woman herself is also a victim. The crux of your argument here seems to be that what differs such kind of makeup application from plastic surgery or working out is that with makeup the illusion is erased much more easily and quickly. thus it is not an argument really against superficiality or fakeness in general. That to me is such a minor technicality in terms of a difference and the whole argument is based on a superficial outlook to begin with.

    I understand that you’re not saying it would ever happen, just that it should happen – but a world in which such trivial matters as makeup require makeup police and “reasonable persons” in jury trials to determine facial fraud….sounds kind of like the premise of a dystopic horror novel of some doomed nazi state…where such a trivial issue would have to be regulated to begin with.

    Lastly I just want to confront your comment about Michelle being known as a public figure for her looks and thus being held to a higher standard, as justification for you having free reign to make such a post criticizing her appearance. I totally get what you mean seeing how much she’s reaped from her youtube career, but I think there’s a grey area here which makes it a bit more complicated. The whole “instant-noodle” faux-celebrity from youtube thing is so new the benefits and repercussions of such are not yet clear. Can any of them be truly classified as celebrities at this point?
    When people like Sarah Jessica Parker get bashed by random online comments calling them ugly or even chosen by huge magazines which flat-out call her ugly, not only is it often deemed “acceptable” because she is held to a higher standard due to her profession – I also feel it’s because as a celebrity, she has an inflated paycheck (along with stardom and notoriety) to make up for any such abuse she might receive.
    As successful as Michelle has become, I doubt she’s really raking in the bucks just yet nor is she even a millionaire I presume. Her stardom at this point is frankly extremely minor, thus she hardly receives enough compensation for the amount of hate or criticism she would get from the public. At the same time, due to her faux-celebrity status and the fact that she built her career online, she is much more likely to be exposed to such blog entries or comments that are frankly quite cruel, and also more likely to be affected by them.

    At the end of the day people should all be free to their opinions, but words can hurt especially when they come from a barrage of people you don’t know online. It’s easy for a celebrity to ignore such things when they are rolling in the dough but for some chick who hasn’t really made it yet and who built her career off of her online interaction? I would imagine it would be quite distressing over time, so I don’t think the excuse of celebritydom really flies when it comes to such people. In fact, there’s even a line to be crossed when it comes to real celebs but we all know that there’s no such thing as policing people online, and such a thing would be tantamount to totalitarianism to begin with. but when it comes to a faux-celebrity like michelle? IDK.
    In a way, I feel that it’s highly likely that Michelle will stumble upon this blog herself and read it herself, and thus although you are writing this from the perspective of someone who regards her as a public figure – and thus fair game – I personally and respectfully feel that it’s a bit vulgar and mean spirited to make such a post knowing full well she has a high likelihood of reading it.

    I know you said you like long responses but I seriously think I went over the board this time, although I tend to type extremely fast so it hasn’t been that long haha.

    • uncensoredinsight

      I figured I answered to so many responses that you deserve one back as well.

      1. Whether or not it is ridiculous, it is the way it is.

      2. So what was it suppose to be?

      3. Yes, 5 is average

      4. Glad you did.

      5. True, but seriously, look at the screenshot I took with the caption “Michelle Phan is a 4”. Seriously, how is that anything more than a 4?!

      6. What is minor technicality to you is a horrible nightmare for the person who wakes up next to a 4.

      So at what point is a person a “celebrity”? The moment they make their first million? I don’t think so. Besides, when you put your face on the web you are basically signing a contract that says you accept all types of bashing and heckling. You can reap the benefit from being a YouTube star and score a job with Lancôme, then you have to accept all that comes with the territory of being an internet sensation.

    • “But whether the general public would agree that Michelle is a 4 is another matter altogether.”

      Actually, the general public has much higher standards than the youtube audience when it comes to what types of celebrities they like (case in point: we never, ever see five foot tall stumpy Vietnamese girls with a large heads on television… not in America, not in Vietnam, and certainly not in Korea). By Korean standards (where I am from), Michelle is very unattractive. Without makeup (and taking into account her full body), she would be a 2 to Koreans.

      One thing foreigners don’t understand about Asian standard of beauty is that head/face size plays a major role in whether or not a female is considered attractive. Small head/face is ideal, and most Koreans find Michelle unattractive because she has a very large, fat head. She also has a very wide nose, and without makeup her eyes are sunken in, and her features are very washed out. And while she cleverly disguises her body in her youtube videos, you can see from press events (where other people have taken pictures of her) that she doesn’t have a good body. She is maybe five feet tall with a stocky frame, and slightly overweight by celebrity standards (note: I said celebrity standards, not average people standards).

      It goes without saying that she does not fit western beauty standards either. This is why it is very difficult for her to find media opportunities outside of youtube-related affairs… whereas someone like Marie Digby (who became popular on youtube) is being asked to star in a variety of media events around the world (television shows, movies, hosting beauty pageants, etc.) because outside of youtube, she is actually very beautiful (face and body). Michelle is not. So I would have to agree with the author of this blog… I would probably rate her a 3 without makeup, and in person with makeup a 4.

  6. and by over the board I mean overboard lol. I’m sure I made a ton of other errors but I tend to type rapidly as the thoughts come out, sorry

    • uncensoredinsight

      It wasn’t overboard at all and you brought a lot to the table. I would address them all, but at a later time because I have to start working on my next post.

  7. man, you boys have way too much time on your hands…! now, take a shower, put a clean shirt on and go outside….. perhap you’ll meet someone that can pass the “morning after” test….

    • uncensoredinsight

      jc, we are just two people having an in depth and friendly discussion about our point of views, that’s all =)

      Thanks for the suggestion. By the way, I have been out every night for the past 8 weeks, including a weekend cruise in Mexico and a week in Puerto Rico so I’m not a person who stays at home all day (though I can’t speak for Mr. Nguyen, haha). My activities also explain my lack of update for the past two months, but please look for my next post because I’m in Taiwan for two weeks and I will at least pump out post #7!

      Thanks again for visiting!

  8. Michelle Phan Make-up part is kind of stupid but I would agree that if girls have confident in themselves they don’t need make-up.

    But still beside that I don’t like Michelle at all as a person she is what you can say a fraud and should be sue for selling Crappy skin care products in a high end price. which made out of mineral oil which is bad for skin. Telling kid to use Viagra to make their skin better and using people’s popularity like Micheal Jackson’s death for her own personal gain. And just recently throwing religion around to justified her selfish ways.

    • uncensoredinsight

      Thanks for leaving a comment and I definitely agree that girls should have more confidence in themselves and find guys who will appreciate them for who they are, not who they pretend to look like.

  9. Sorta makes me feel a whole lot better about myself knowing that’s what a good percentage of females on the street probably do in order to look like all they’ve done is put on some eyeshadow and blush. Personally I think she went waay overboard with the whole cover up stuff, as do most women I see.

    I’ve always wanted to learn how to put on makeup. I gave up on that when I decided I didn’t want to depend too heavily on makeup so much so that I’d start looking weird without the stuff on my face. That plus I like sleeping in.

    Drawing from a comment another commenter made, I think she has a pretty high image of herself and the way she looks judging by the type of job she has and by her growing popularity and support from whoever. She’d probably brush this off (if she ever came across this) as just another person who’s “jealous.” Was that too cynical of me?

    I think there has to be something wrong with you (you in the general sense) if you feel you have to cover yourself up in order to look like a completely different, better version of you, if you could be better at all. Just so that you’d feel good about yourself.

    I don’t think guys would like it very much either if they took home girls and their boob sizes suddenly went from a C cup to an A cup after their clothes came off. It’s the whole push-up bra thing and those boob enhancer things girls pad up their bras with. It’s all very deceitful. ..And clever of us.

    But it’s only deceitful for those guys who only want to screw. And, well, let’s face it, this is what the whole article is about anyways. How it fools guys into thinking they’re going to go home with a good looking girl when, in fact, they only see a thick layer of makeup that’s making her look good. Or even as simple as fooling guys into thinking they’re talking to a pretty girl.

    If a guy was really interested in Michelle Phan, though, he’d see her as a 9 even behind closed doors, without those disgusting layers of caked-on goo that makes her look so good when she’s out of the house. It’s kind of like how my boyfriend always tells me I look good without makeup and blahblahbla barf. No doubt I probably jump from a 4 to a 9 (I’m flattering myself) and I only have one step to my makeup routine.

    That’s either true or he just keeps saying it so he can sleep with me (fraud! Con artist!). Hey, you should write something on that – men who lie their way into bedrooms and hearts. In which case women would be the victims here.

    Great articles, by the way.

    • uncensoredinsight

      Thank you for the compliment! I know I am really lagging on my posts because major life events got in the way but I am back in the game. I will trying out a new format of posting short blurbs more often to supplement my long articles which are few and far between so please come check them out as often as you can!

      Yes, please do not depend on makeup because not only will you end up not being able to go through the day without it, just think of all the time you’ll have wasted in your life by standing in front of a mirror and painting your face for half an hour each day.

      And I do take all topic requests very seriously so thank you for making a suggestion for what you want to read about. I am open to suggestions and I will definitely get to your topic(s) if I feel as passionate about it(them) as I did with my previous posts. Thanks again for engaging in the discussion.

  10. Michelle Phan does make up tutorial because it is what she loves to do. It should not matter weather she is a 4 or a 9 without make up. Obviously, she is popular because she is good at it, and isn’t the point of putting on make up is to enhance your beauty? If she looks worse after putting on make up, then the tutorials would be pointless.

    In addition, she does not wear that much make up normally. (Example: Drug store make up products.) For people to accuse her of being a fraud and that her look is deceptive to men is just ridiculously beyond word. Seriously, if you’re ugly to start with, even with a bunch of make up, you’ll still look ugly. Make up enhances what you have, it does not alter it completely. A person who is a 9 or a 10 with make up will still be a 9 or ten, like I said, it enhances your beauty by maybe 1-2 points. Otherwise, you’d look like a 9 even if you’re a 1-5 to start with.

    • uncensoredinsight

      It does matter if she is a 4 or a 9 without makeup because that is the basis of my “facial fraud” claim. I have no issue with makeup enhancing a person’s look by only 1 or 2 points. There is no argument that she is good at what she does, much like a master counterfeiter is good at what he does.

  11. If Michelle Phan was to look the same after the make-up tutorial, then what would be the point of the video? She’s doing make-up tutorial to help others, because she loves it, and simply because SHE CAN.
    If you’re ugly to start with, it does not matter what kind of expensive cream or make up you put on, you’ll still look ugly. But if you’re naturally pretty, then a lot or even a little make up will enhance your beauty. So, for people to call Michelle a fraud and that men should watch out for her is beyond words. Do you think Lancome would hire her if she was ugly, and if they think she wouldn’t be able to sell their products? The point is Michelle Phan is not ugly, she is actually above average without make up. Hypothetically speaking, even if she was ugly, she still looks good after makeup so go ahead and judge her for looking fake, at least she does her job.

    • uncensoredinsight

      She is teaching 4s and 5s to look like 8s and 9s which breaks the traditional “if you’re ugly to start with, it does not matter what kind of expensive cream or make up you put on, you’ll still look ugly” rule that we have become so used to. Lancome hired her because there is no argument about how GOOD Michelle is putting on makeup and that she is doing her “job” given by Lancôme. This is what makes her a master con-artist.

  12. Also, beauty is just a matter of opinion. A girl can have a beautiful face, but if she is overweight, I’m sure she would be categorized as FAT or UNATTRACTIVE.

    • uncensoredinsight

      While it is true that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, we all draw our lines somewhere. And what’s wrong with categorizing an overweight girl as fat? Should we be categorizing obese individuals as “thick” and “big boned”? NO, call it what it is! And people wonder why America is the world leader in obesity.

  13. Oh my, sounds like someone is jealous.
    I’m not a Michelle Phan myself but it is clear and obvious that you have this “envious” hatred towards her. The way you blame her for using make up is hilarious. I literally laughed out loud.
    Alright, so let me ask you this. A girl decides to make a tutorial video about using make up and she posts it on Youtube. She loads on heaps of make up but yet, she looks even uglier because of her cake face which she does not realise. She is unattractive and looks completely different to her natural face. Your argument is that MP is deceiving everyone by using make up to change the way she looks.
    So my question is: Would you still say the same things about this girl i used in my example like what you said about MP?
    They both use make up to alter their appearance and they show the people who watch their videos how they can do it.
    The answer is most likely, no you wouldn’t.
    Why? Because you are jealous that MP is able to use make up to look pretty and due to this, she has become well-known and has gained great popularity within the make up industry.
    If it was the other girl on the other hand, you wouldn’t have said anything like what you said to MP despite her dramatically changing the way she looks – because she is even more unattractive.
    You say that MP can lure boys home because she is so deceitfully beautiful?
    lol so then should it be made illegal when we use make up to look pretty and are able to lure handsome men home but it’s okay to use make up when it makes us uglier and unable to lure men home?
    Just face it, this argument isn’t about fraud or deceiving men. It’s about a girl who is able to use her skills in make up to make herself pretty. And that makes you feel threatened that women are able to do this and take all the good men. lol
    In the end, it’s their problem, not your own when they find out how ugly or hideous the girl really is.
    The man who is right for you isn’t going to care about how you look or what you wear. Isn’t it better that he loves you for what’s inside? (as cliche as that sounds)
    Build a bridge and get over it.
    Everyone is entitled to their own choices on how they want to use make up.

    • uncensoredinsight

      First of all, thanks for visiting. Let me address the points you were trying to make as I have done for others.

      – The scenario where you said someone makes herself uglier. My answer just like yours, that I would not same the same thing, but for different reasons. I would not say the same thing because no one is being harmed by the girl making herself look uglier, except for maybe the loss of appetite.
      – There are a lot of successful people on the internet and they don’t bother me one bit.
      – I did say MP can lure boys, but I do say her skills are too good and are being learned by too many people to deceive guys everywhere
      – It is illegal because the change is too dramatic and harm can be done (see first point) unlike looking ugly so the argument is about fraud.
      – We do not live in utopia so looks has, is, and will be a large part of how a man judges a woman, at least in the foreseeable future.
      – I like your comment “build a bridge and get over it”
      – No one is entitled to anything. The sense of entitlement is a huge part of what is wrong with the world today but I will digress too far from this topic so I won’t start =)

      Lastly, thanks again for saying “I literally laughed out lout” =D

  14. Michelle is even worse than you think. She edits and whitewashes her videos so she can look attractive in her videos WITH makeup on, and edits herself to make it look like she has a decent body. In reality she is plain, chubby faced, stumpy, hits the 4’11 mark, and dresses in the most unflattering outfits possible. She’s actually terrible at makeup, google her a bit and you’ll find pictures of her in real life where she obviously did her makeup: she cakes on really pale foundation(she wants to be white?) but she’s tan, her eyeshadow is garish, and she puts on blush like a clown. If anything her makeup skills knock girls a few points down; look at this picture of a girl who won a contest and had michelle phan do her makeup:

    That picture makes me cringe and has a 2 second viewing limit. Michelle is an even bigger con artist for fooling you that, in her videos, she is a 9 with makeup when she’s maybe a 5 with makeup on in real life, and a 3 with no makeup on at all. So she’s not really terrorizing guys by helping girls go from a 2 to an 8; she’s just manipulating you to think she’s attractive to get more views. I’m surprised you still find Michelle Phan attractive with makeup on; in her recent videos she looks so horrendous no amount of makeup can save her, and she proves that by packing on as much as she can.

    You come across as kind of a sexist asshole but this post made me laugh. I’m not gonna spout any more beauty is in the eye of the beholder cliches because it’s annoying, but a guy’s gonna have to get used to a girls ugly side if he likes her. Girls will always and forever perform feats of illusion in 20 min every morning, and there are tons of talented makeup artists on youtube who can teach girls how to apply makeup well. So I guess you guys will be forced to throw a cup of water at your date or make her wash her face upon meeting her to satisfy your shallow interests.

    If you want to think of it this way, Michelle Phan is doing you a favor because girls who are already ugly will not get any prettier by taking her makeup tips. And it can be fun to mess with girls who cake on makeup, try to give a cakeface a hug with a white t-shirt on and they’ll avoid you like the plague for fear that their face will rub off.

    Girls will spout a bunch of women empowerment statements like all girls have feelings, are naturally beautiful, pure, and not opinionated, but it goes both ways. To put it bluntly, shitheads who base everything on looks will attract other shitheads, then they follow the well trodden path where both of them get older and uglier, divorce, do some cradle robbing, go senile and die or murdered by a gold digger. Girls with that mentality will rate you just the same; a 10 girl might find you butt ugly, thus you are screwed and have no chance with her. If there was a way to make yourself look like a 10 wouldn’t you be a little tempted to do that so she would at least talk to you/f*ck you? I guess it sucks more for guys who really can’t get any because no cover up is available for a guy rated a 1 to get a girl to at least concede to a one night stand. Unless the girl’s an alki.

  15. u are prob ugly in real life and cant get girls to write something like this.

  16. Why is there a bitch using the same name as me? Sorry but get your own name. beside the other Kim is stupid for saying all of that. Most people aren’t even jealous of Michelle Phan. There is nothing to be jealous of a youtube star who think she is the shit and brag like a psychopath. Sorry but Michelle is nothing she isn’t even rich like she made herself seem. She constantly wear knock offs and people prove it from the pictures she had of the knock off.

    Beside why every time I hear someone said I’m not Michelle and talk about people being jealous, it always sound like it is Michelle. After all Michelle Phan had been caught trolling in many forums and chat rooms when the subject is about her. Sorry Michelle but you are trolling.

  17. Japanese Gyarus

  18. I’m going to try to keep my comment brief.

    – It is illegal because the change is too dramatic and harm can be done (see first point) unlike looking ugly so the argument is about fraud.

    I don’t see how harm can be done. Regardless of how it is done (exercise, wearing nice clothes, makeup, even basic elements of hygiene like showering), humans are designed to try to attract other humans. It’s built into humanity in a way that cannot be separated. Why is that harmful?

    If it does cause harm, it is the person’s own fault. If you’re a guy at a club and you see some girl wearing makeup and you take her home, it’s your fault when you wake up next to someone who may not be as attractive as you remember. The same is true for girls, who find that the nice shirt disguised a beer belly and a hairy chest. They say the dating game is a dangerous place.

    Many people, as they age, naturally become less physically attractive because they aren’t designed to be procreating. Gravity takes its toll on the body and face; wrinkles happen; men get beer guts. Sure, some signs of aging can be prevented, but often there is less of an impetus because people are usually married or content being single.

    – We do not live in utopia so looks has, is, and will be a large part of how a man judges a woman, at least in the foreseeable future.

    I suppose this is true, but I don’t care what any “selfless” person says. The human mind, and society, have taught us to judge people at first sight. You see an overweight person, you assume they eat too much. You see a way-too-thin person, you assume they have an eating disorder. If you see a girl that looks pretty, yes. Of course you are going to assume she is pretty. You may even feel attracted to her. But the same is true for men. You might see a handsome man and take him home. The next morning, his hair is messed up, he has stubble, he probably smells, you see his true self. And you might not like it. So your “deceptive makeup” theory also creates a “men shouldn’t shower, shave or comb their hair” theory.

    And on top of that, women are judged for looks far more than men are. Like a commenter said above me, a successful but ugly man can likely get women, more so than a handsome but unsuccessful man. Many times, a woman’s success depends on how attractive she is or is not. For hundreds of years, women existed solely just to a) look nice and b) procreate. And it’s unfortunate.

    I did an experiment at my work where I went one week wearing some makeup, and then had a week where I wore none. People were much nicer to me the first week. The second week, they asked why I was tired, what was wrong, had I been crying, etc. That’s another note: oftentimes, a woman’s looks are fair game to discuss. We recently got a new (female) manager at my work, and before she came, a male manager dismissed her, saying “it doesn’t really matter. She’s nothing to look at.”

    I do have to say one final thing as well, since no one has mentioned it: Michelle Phan is an artist by trade. She went to art school and often compares applying makeup to art techniques. That is why she is so good at it – a “master con artist,” as you so delicately put it. To sum it up, she’s good at her job…like the rest of us should be.
    Well, I suppose I didn’t really keep it short after all…haha. Looking forward to (potentially) having you respond.

    • uncensoredinsight

      1. “Regardless of how it is done” I’m sorry but there is a HUGE difference how it is done. exercise is a life style change that takes effort over a long period of time to gradually change oneself, not to mention it actually improves one’s health.

      2. I don’t know what kind of shirt can actually disguise a beer belly. Even if there was a magical shirt like that, a 38 inch waist can’t possibly look 32 (equivalent of turning a 4 to a 9). The whole point is how big the discrepancy is. I’ve said it many times in the article and in the comments, makeup that makes a 7 to an 8 or a 9 is perfectly acceptable.

      3. “men shouldn’t shower, shave or comb their hair”, now you are just using extremes to make an argument. Hair messed up and stubbles are NO WHERE near a 9 turning into a 4 the next day. Anyone can have messed up hair next day and I have said nothing about women shaving their legs and armpits.

      4. “women are judged for looks far more than men are”. Yes, they are. Unfortunate or not, this is how the world turns right now.

      5. “she’s good at her job” I am sure we can all agree on that. I have said it many times that I think she is great at what she does, a true master of counterfeiting pretty faces.

      In closing, I do appreciate you going through great lengths to respond to my article and I apologize for my much shorter responses because I feel like I will be repeating myself.

  19. but what about celebrities and models. it’s astounding how much makeup and Photoshop goes into making them “beautiful.” in the occasional paparazzi “no makeup” shot, their faces look plain and sometimes even ghastly. our whole celebrity industry is based on transforming normal 4, 5, 6, 7s into 9s and 10s. at least michelle phan is not afraid to show the world what she looks like without makeup.

    • uncensoredinsight

      I cannot agree that our celebrities are 4 and 5 without makeup. They became celebrities because they were hot looking at least at the time of recruitment. Yes, they may TURN into 4s and 5s later in their lives but that is with age and sometimes drug problems. Again, we are talking about the majority of celebrities and models known for their looks, not Kathy Bates or models that were picked for their “exotic” looks. For the most part, celebrities and models start at 6 and 7s and use makeup to turn themselves into 8s and 9s.

  20. Why do you care what she does? In fact that women put on little or much make-up? I think Michelle Phan is pretty with and without make up. It works for her. She went to art school,so its natural for her to make herself appearance look better. If she feels beautiful,and the rest of the girls who watch her videos,then why mess with that? If they feel beautiful,you don’t have the right to say their ‘art’ isn’t right. Beauty is seen in different ways. Make-up is art. Guys complain how girls don’t feel confident enough,but when they put on make-up and feel beautiful my God its such a crime.

    Oh!,not everyone of her watchers are four’s thank you! Go look at all her subscribers. Let girls feel beautiful if they go from a “4” to a “9” in ten minutes. Everyone deserves to be happy in their life.

    Women are judge a lot by how they look. Women get dismissed by how they look. Its sad really,I guess men need something pretty to look at to get their dick to the highest erect inch(which usually is a four in todays study)

    • uncensoredinsight

      I never said “everyone of her watchers are four’s” so I don’t need to look at her subscribers. I only said I am against teaching the 4s in to 9s, but I have nothing against her helping turning 6 and 7s into 8 and 9s.

      “Women are judge a lot by how they look. Women get dismissed by how they look. Its sad really”. I agree, but sad or not, it is what it is.

  21. annoyed and pissed

    Wow. You are such a stupid fuck i can’t believe you would take the time to write something nasty about another person like this. Who are YOU to rate people based on their looks? You havent even MET Michelle Phan you motherfucking piece of shit. You have never met her so obviously YOU CAN JUDGE HER. Its as simple as that. You say that it should be illegal- what Michelle Phan is doing. All she is doing is showing people suggestions on how to do your makeup for going out to a club. And that’s illegal why? Oh. Because you think she makes herself look like a “9” when really she’s a “4”. Its your fucking opinion that you think she’s a so called 4. Do stop saying that she is so a 4 and learn how to say “in my opinion”. Also, even if you did say “in my opinion” you shouldnt be posting it on the fucking internet. Its negative and down right RUDE. You know what? I would love to see what you look like in person. How would you feel if somebody was rating you based on your looks and calling you ugly and fake when they have never even MET you?? THINK next time before you put stupid ass SHIT on the internet.

    • whoa. chill son…are you Michelle’s spokesperson or something?

      personally I don’t care what Michelle looks like but I think she’s ruined her face and hair since she first started on Youtube. and she sure has hell has become a much worse person.

      • “Whoa.Chill son” lmao made my day,but I do think that person has a point you know?

      • uncensoredinsight

        Hahaha, she may be. She has to be paid or related to Michelle to be this pissed off. I don’t know what kind of person she is so I cannot speak to that so I’ll stick with what she looks like.

    • uncensoredinsight

      I’m glad you aren’t one of those people who attempt to strengthen arguments by using profanity, oh wait, you are one of them.

      “Who are YOU to rate people based on their looks?” Who are you to tell me what I can and cannot to and who I can and cannot rate?

      “Its your fucking opinion that you think she’s a so called 4.” Yes it is and I am entitled to my opinions and you are entitled to yours. I don’t need to “learn” how to say “in my opinion” because everything I say is my opinion and my belief of what is true.

      Conclusion? You need to chill out and learn using profanity only makes your argument weak.

  22. wow.. just wow.. it is amazing what make up can do.. she looks okay without make up, not a 4 but normal, like 5. But with makeup she is like 9. But this kind of thing is kinda normal, most celebs dont look too hot without the make up too..we cant all be like jennifer aniston or halle berry or jessica simpson who look good even without makeup.. i guess i can say they look good without makeup coz nothing really change much even when they have makeup on.. they still look the same only more elegant or fresh, depending on the makeup.. others however, look like totally new person with makeup..

  23. Wow. WTF? I’m P. Nguyen (the guy who first commented on this post) and just came back to this post REALLLLLLLLLLLLLY randomly months later. I pretty much agree with you now lol. I feel like a total loser for actually having cared so much (apparently) at one point to write out such an essay for some random chick. I really needed a life, apparently lol. If it wouldn’t bother you too much, could you maybe delete my comments from above? (and this one? lol) It’s kind of embarassing really looking back on it O_o

    • uncensoredinsight

      Hi P. Nguyen, I am very glad that you agree with me now, but I can’t delete your comment. Your comments are some of the best arguments and I want to keep your comments for other visitors to read because a lot of their questions will have been answered thanks to you. I am really thankful that you spent the time to write out these long responses and you rebuttal to all of my arguments.

  24. You keep saying that women being judged more for their looks is “just the way it is”, but you fail to think about it any further than that. Do you seriously not see the problem here?

    You can’t change your actual face unless you get plastic surgery, and not everyone is going to do that given the fact that it’s expensive and it’s also SURGERY. However, women are dealt an unfair hand in life because of this – they can’t help the way they look. A man doesn’t have to rely on his appearance for success the same way a woman has to. So here you are, putting down women for wanting to increase their chances for success, and also putting them down for flat-out wanting to feel beautiful. Basically what you are saying with this post is that women should suck it up and not try to make the most out of their lives and that they shouldn’t feel happy. Congrats – you’re a sexist asshole.

    If you think this should be so illegal, then start working on changing what society values in women the most.

    But you’re not going to do that, I already know.

    • uncensoredinsight

      I’d like to thank you first for visiting before I respond to your comment.

      “increase their chance for success” – so you do admit that women are falsifying their appearance for personal gain. Here is dictionary.com’s definition of fraud, “deceit, trickery, sharp practice, or breach of confidence, perpetrated for profit or to gain some unfair or dishonest advantage.”

      “wanting to feel beautiful” – what about when they before they go to sleep? When they have to wash off someone else’s face and return to themselves? Isn’t it more disturbing that one would choose to wear a mask that looks nothing like their own face for more than 12 hours a day to not only deceive others, but themselves as well?

      “not try to make the most out of their lives” – not when if the means to “make the most out of their lives” is to deceive everyone they meet everyday of their lives.

      “start working on changing what society values in women the most” – why is this my job? You are right, I am not doing that.

      In conclusion, I am not advocating for eradicating the use of makeup products. As I said in my post, “there is nothing wrong with people who put on some light makeup for special occasions because most people can still guess what you look like underneath the mask, but to deceit others by filling every single crevice and concealing every bump on your face and drawing a new face on” is to defraud all those around you.

  25. The original post here has to be one of the most moronic things I’ve ever read. From considering what I guess would be called skillful makeup application a form of fraud, to trying to assert completely subjective evaluations as anything but, it’s like reading the rant of an adolescent who’s overly confident about every crudely formed opinion he has.

    • uncensoredinsight

      Hi Mayeli, thank you for coming to read this blog. It is unfortunate that you do not agree with my view and even more unfortunate that you were not able to give any arguments to support your view as I have supported mine. “Moronic”, “rant of adolescent”, “overly confident”, and “crudely formed opinion” are all great descriptive words but all baseless without supporting statements.

  26. I know it says my name is PHAN, but I assure you, I am not her. I am no fan of Michelle’s and may never be, after having heard so much crap about her. I agree that she tends to boast a lot and act like she is the best of the best. Enough about her though, since your blog was not entirely attacking her, but the idea of fraudulent makeup.

    When I finished reading your blog, I was both amused and slightly angry at the same time. This is neither because you attacked Michelle Phan or rated her before and after looks. Being a girl myself, I would really hate someone to rate me, but that’s beside the point. I was angry because you said that using makeup as an enhancement SHOULD be illegal for the sake of MEN.

    1. Makeup is not always used as a tool to seduce men, it is used to make the woman feel better about herself. There are such things as foundation and concealer to hide certain imperfections such as a pimple that just decided to pop up the morning of. Now, that pimple is obviously not going to remain there for the rest of her life. I think that she would rather use makeup to hide it and look the best that she can than to bump into a very attractive guy who just happened to not choose her because an unfortunate pimple.

    2. Many people have very severe acne when they are in their teenage years. Some cases are even prolonged until they are around 40 years of age. The same people who use makeup are those who use creams and other medication to cure their acne because they actually care about how they look. EVERYONE cares about how they look. Looking good contributes to a higher self esteem and has a big part in preventing depression. That is why people bath regularly, brush their teeth, comb their hair. Just because all of these activities must be done everyday for good results and makeup only takes 30 mins does not make makeup fraudulent and illegal.

    3. People who do not wear makeup are people who are comfortable with how they look. Meaning, they have no scars on their faces, no birth marks, no acne. These people have fairly clear skin and a fairly good complexion. They are probably comfortable because they have already done their fair share of using makeup to attract their mate. After finding someone, they no longer feel the need to keep on wearing makeup.
    Keep in mind that makeup can only cover up subtle flaws. severe acne cannot be covered up. Neither can a deformation of a structure of your face. Youtube videos are very misleading because they portray people as having nicer skin than they really do. In real life, even if you have makeup on, this will not be the case…unless you are in a very dark room.

    4. There are many other practices that fraudulently alter the appearance of human beings such as braces, plastic surgery, chemical peels, hair implants, hair extensions, hair removal, etc. What are all of these for? To make people look better and feel better about themselves so they can go about living happy lives, finding a husband/wife, have children, be confident enough to strive for and hold good jobs.

    5. Why should men be the only victims? Men can be way more fraudulent than women. They can lie about their age, their job, and whether or not they are single. THAT should be illegal.

    6. Why do you think so many women use makeup? Why do they want to go from a 4 to a 9? Because men have increased the standards of what a “9” should look like as the years roll by. The movies, advertisements, and magazines all paint fraudulent pictures of what women should look like. Women are just striving to look like those pictures so they can get a guy to talk to them for long enough to realize that their looks don’t matter as much because they have a great personality. Men are the ones who should be apologizing to women because they have put us in such a situation. Within the scope of plastic surgeons, who do you think outnumbers who, men or women? A plastic surgeon is most likely to be a man. A man is the person who is enlarging breasts and deducting fat. I wonder who came up with the first breast enhancement and why. Maybe you could tell me that. Just because plastic surgery is a permanent type of makeup should not make it acceptable to you because it IS FRAUDULENT.

    In my opinion, makeup is worn by choice. It is the choice of the woman to wear makeup for whatever reasons she has. It doesn’t matter if she changes from a 4 to a 9 if it makes her feel better about herself. Maybe she uses makeup instead of plastic surgery because she can’t afford plastic surgery.
    It is also the choice of the man to take such a woman home before getting to know her. The next day, if the girl doesn’t match up to his standards, they can part ways, no harm, no foul. But guys like that usually don’t end up with a good wife..even if she is pretty.

    I understand it’s your opinion, but try not to be such a pompous ass next time.

    • uncensoredinsight

      Hi V.Phan, first I want to thank you for not only reading my post, but also responding with an in-depth response. Secondly, I want to commend you on being the first person to recognize and say “your blog was not entirely attacking her, but the idea of fraudulent makeup.” And before I go into your 6 points of argument and conclusion, I want to get this out of the way and let you know I also appreciate your statement of “I was both amused and slightly angry at the same time”.

      1. One pimple is not a deal breaker nor will it make a 9 look like a 4. By the same token, a 4 with a pimple won’t become a 9 just because she concealed said pimple so your example falls into my acceptable usage of makeup which is about a difference of 2, making a 7 look like a 8 or 9.

      2. When the before and after look like two different human beings, then it is fraudulent and should be illegal. You can no longer call it just an enhancement when you basically draw a new face on a blank canvass of concealer.

      3. I wish that was the case, but I have seen many examples (video such as the one ulzzang posted on his comment) where Person X looks more like Person Y instead of just Person X 2.0.

      4. Those are much more permanent fixes that won’t disappear overnight, not even over months or years.

      5. Sure. I agree, but someone else can write about that.

      6. Men should be apologizing? Maybe, but not likely in this lifetime. Yes, permanent fixes are less egregious because men won’t have to suffer the emotional trauma of waking up next to a 3 or a 4.

      Oh, and thanks for the reminder to not be a pompous ass.

  27. You said yourself that women are naturally judged on their looks, and can benefit remarkably from their beauty, whether it be in their career or husband. So if a woman is born average looking, how can she be condemned for using her available resources to acheive these benefits? Should she just resign herself to a life of looking average, never experiencing the feeling of truly being beautiful? Looks speak nothing of the actual qualities of a woman, yet men usually use women’s attractiveness as the first factor in evaluating them. Do you realize how extremely selfish it is for men to have such high expectations of women, yet then condemn them for doing what they can to appeal to men? It certainly isn’t fair to judge a man for a less than attractie face. Women shouldn’t be criticized for having the brains to actually figure out how to improve what they were born with.

    • uncensoredinsight

      Hi Vivian, thank you for visiting my blog! I’ll answer your questions one by one.
      “if a woman is born average looking, how can she be condemned for using her available resources to acheive these benefits?”
      – I don’t condemn women from using makeup to “enhance” their looks by a factor of 2, but to move up the ladder 4 to 5 points is more deceiving than enhancing.
      “Should she just resign herself to a life of looking average, never experiencing the feeling of truly being beautiful?”
      – Yes, she should. How can a person truly experience being beautiful when she’s truly just a 3 or a 4 after applying some makeup remover. She has to look into a mirror everyday so she might as well accept the fact she is not beautiful.
      “Do you realize how extremely selfish it is for men to have such high expectations of women, yet then condemn them for doing what they can to appeal to men?”
      – Yes, I do realize that, but too bad so sad. Bottom line is they are condemned if the before and after pictures look like two different people because men should not be traumatized the next morning when they wake up next to a beast instead of the beauty they thought they went home with.

  28. This blog is fail.

  29. You guys need a fuckin life seriously. Who cares if this girl is good at what she do and she did make someone life difference in there skin care. That her business, you guys don’t need to sit there and bitch at someone who thinks that she good at what she does. You guys just sound like jerks and low life. Even if she is good, you guys don’t have to say she a fraud. Leave her alone, why sit there and bitch at someone. You guys don’t need to bitch at someone who actually have a life, are you guys jealous that much that you would sit there, right down everything you think is wrong with her. Why? Is it because MP sell some products and you guys didn’t, aww poor you. Oh, a person who sit there and criticizes someone, like calling her a fraud, seriously seriously seriously need a life. Seriously (Notice the seriously, you guys probably don’t notice it because you busy on complaining someone life then your owns, GET A FUCKIN LIFE).

    • uncensoredinsight

      Hi Kiari, thanks for taking the time to read my post and providing me with your views, even if most of it revolves around “get a life”

      “you guys”?
      – There’s only me here.

      “don’t have to” and “don’t need to”
      – True, but I want to and need to bring awareness to her insane skills to deceive men. This is more like a Pubic Service Announcement.

      “get a life”
      – I have been. That’s why my posts are usually two months apart. I will try to write more often though.

  30. This is a sad, sad blog! Why come on and bash an innocent girl? I really dont understand it! She is hurting anyone, in fact, she is trying to help people, and make them feel better about themselves. I don’t understand how you could care enough to bash her when you don’t know her. Just a big bully.

    • uncensoredinsight

      Thanks for dropping by and reading my blog.

      “Why come”? I tell you “why come”. Because I want to bring attention to the egregiousness of her helping 3s and 4s look like 8s and 9s.

  31. My English skills are definitely not good enough to write a long post or to have an in depth discussion about the topic but I don’t think that covering things like acne and thus “covering your true self” is bad because acne itself hides how you really look. Acne isn’t a natural thing, it’s a skin disorder, it doesn’t belong on the skin so there’s nothing wrong with showing people how you would look like without acne because that would be your true self. It’s kind of like wearing a wig after you had a chemotherapy (only not so sad).

    • uncensoredinsight

      Thank you for reading my post and taking time to leave a comment. Even though you say your English skills are not good enough, I assure you that you are better than you think.

      Acne doesn’t hide how you really look, it is how you look because it is YOUR acne. Acne is a skin disorder but if you have it, then it is YOUR skin disorder. You want to show people how you would look like without acne? Get rid of your acne instead of hiding it under an inch of foundation. If you can’t get rid of it, then it is part of how you look because there is no such thing as “how you would look like without acne” if you can’t get rid of it.

      Wearing a wig after chemo works because you will get your hair back so it is a temporary fix. If you are born ugly, you won’t get your beauty back, EVER. If you have acne you can’t get rid of, you won’t get a clear face, EVER. Therefore, comparing makeup on a face with acne and wig on a head of a chemo patient is not a valid argument.

  32. Hello, I read most of the comments above and I just can’t believe how stupid some people are. I’m a fan of Michelle’s, and I don’t agree with all of your statements but I’m a strong believer of being able to have your own opinions. Here are some of mine.

    1) Michelle does use the phrase “to create the illusion” of having something she doesn’t actually have. However, she mostly enhances her features and does not change beyond recognition. Most women without makeup, even if it’s only a small amount, will look slightly different. I personally only wear eyeliner to class, but I’ve gone days without it and almost everyone noticed right away and said I looked different without it. Your argument against this will probably be that her makeup goes beyond looking slightly different, but you should look at some famous figures without any makeup on. Are their faces purely fictional because we’re used to seeing them with professional makeup done all the time?

    2) Most of her instruction videos are for special events, occasions, and holidays when people want to look their best. She has much simpler looks for school and everyday where her appearance does not change extraordinarily (from “4 to 9 points”).

    3) The sense of makeup is to bring out features or change your appearance. Eyeshadow creates larger looking eyes, mascara creates longer lashes, lip gloss/lipstick creates fuller lips, etc. She just uses techniques and skills to make the most out of your makeup and how to use them. She is not directly advocating using makeup for the harm of others.

    4) I congratulate those who are able to go face the world makeup-less and have the confidence to do so. I’m not one of those people, but I take about 3 minutes to apply eyeliner and sometimes mascara -if- I have the time. I’m Asian like Michelle, so I watch her videos because her tips are helpful for our similar facial structures and features. I can sense her desire to have bigger eyes and a more pronounced nasal bridge but she’s not trying to take on a different persona.

    I hope some of my arguments make sense, but I know I won’t change your opinion and I don’t really want to.

    • uncensoredinsight

      Hi Emily, thank you for visiting my site and I appreciate your approach much more than some of the other comments. I will address your four points now:

      1) I do agree that famous figures, celebrities, have makeup that make them look entirely different. However, they are celebrities so I have the expectation that they have professional help. My point is that Michelle is teaching ordinary girls how to deceive people with makeup.

      2) Don’t see where you are going with this

      3) I know the “purpose” of makeup. You can’t make a video about how to counterfeit money and say you are not directly advocating for people to USE fake money.

      4) If it makes you go from a 6 or 7 to a 8 or 9, by all means, go for it. I am not against makeup in general, just the type that makes a person change beyond recognition.

  33. First of all, I would like to applaud you because the comments on this post kept coming in and its already been over a year!
    Similar to an early commenter, I felt the amusement and anger towards this post and all 66 comments that I’ve read. I have never heard of anyone, specifically a male’s point-of-view that makeup should be illegal because it’s deceitful. But what I usually hear is how women should build up their confidence and use little to zero makeup because they’re much more beautiful without it. In your case, the way you put it is just brutally honest and quite shallow regarding Michelle Phan and non-beautiful women. I’m not asking you to lie about someone’s beauty. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion regarding beauty, and I guess through your eyes… Michelle is below average. Gee, You must really have high expectations then, lol. I bet you’re the type to never settle for less.

    Anyway, I’m not a huge fan of Michelle Phan, yet I do enjoy watching her videos because she has good beauty tips. I don’t really follow through with any of the skincare tips nor the makeup advice. I just watch them out of entertainment.

    Here’s a few of my POV:
    1. So, you’re saying that if a girl throw on 20lbs of makeup everyday, iis deceitful? If that’s what your point was, then yes I do agree that it is deceitful. Yet, you also think it should be illegal… I just find that ridiculous though. There are much more important things that should be illegal instead of using makeup to deceit men. If that’s part of a law, I’d really wonder what the hell is going on with this society for us to care SO much about appearance (honestly, we do care about looks but having a law like that would be going to far), also it sounds a bit selfish. As I can see by what I’ve read, you either care about yourself and the male species so much that you feel you need to save your trouble from sleeping with an ugly girl you picked up from the bar last night. I’m not a guy, but from most guys POV that doesn’t even matter to them, all they really care about is getting into the girl’s pants, so there really isn’t no reason to have makeup become illegal because it’s unnecessary to do so.

    2. I disagree with girls putting on pounds and pounds of makeup, because it does ridiculous at times. But sometimes when the makeup tutorials use LOTS of makeup, you need to keep in mind that people put that amount of makeup just for fun or entertainment. So don’t take it seriously. From your post, you used MP clubbing make up video as an example. IMO, she really looks the same to me, just with a fake eyelashes and eyeshadow. It’s nothing like “WOW, OMG MICHELLE PHAN TRANSFORMED FROM A BEAST TO MILA KUNIS,” or insert whoever you think is beautiful, lol. It’s really not a dramatic difference.

    3. I think targeting Michelle Phan is a bit harsh. You don’t even know if she uses that much makeup on a regular basis. I can see that you’re actually angry because she’s exposing her “deceitful ways” to the “under-rated, low self-esteem” ugly girls. From your previous comments, I understand that you want this society to have ugly people, stay ugly. Apparently you have this really strong hate towards ugly people. I’m sorry if you’ve had a bad experience with them, but please do take a chance to get to know them. MP’s viewers have their own preferences for following her makeup advice and looking deceitful. No one, even MP has no control over her thousands and millions of views from girls with low self-esteem wanting to look beautiful. Even if she took out those makeup tutorials, then she’s just taking a step back. Look at what MP accomplished, I mean it’s nothing too amazing, but she has done something most of us probably couldn’t do: having thousands and millions view her videos everyday, one of the top 20 most subscribed youtube channel, having over a million subscribers. She’s done her job to capture everyone’s attention, good or bad attention it really doesn’t matter. Look at us, we’re all here on this negative post about MP, and we’re constantly talking about her. She really grabbed all of our attention. Also, it shouldn’t just be MP that you’re targeting, if you have a problem with her I think you should attack all the other makeup gurus that have done even MORE extreme makeup tutorials than her. I don’t think her makeup tutorials are too extreme, unless it’s the Black Swan, Vampire-type tutorials… which is ALL for fun.

    4. The last thing I would like to bring up is the fact that you use the rating system. I think that’s where I was quite angry. You actually sound intelligent to me, yet bringing up the rating system is so immature. As I was reading through your replies to the comments, many of your replies constantly have you bringing up the rating system. Also I understand that in your replies you want ugly girls to appreciate their beauty without any or little makeup, yet when you speak of these ugly girls you sound so unappealing, especially when you said “If you are born ugly, you won’t get your beauty back, EVER. ” How can you tell someone who is ugly how to make themselves more appealing? And how can they live their life if everyone that surrounds them don’t think they’re beautiful enough to get a certain job position, or the best things out of life. How can they even live an average life when it seems like average is out of the question in this society… because apparently people only wants to hire, marry, date someone that is beautiful because in your previous statements, personality doesn’t really matter much. Thanks, I’m not trying to ask a smart ass question. I just want your answers and to hear your opinions.

    I really was entertained by your post and the comments here. I also admire your writing style, too. It’d be more entertaining to have you post up YouTube videos, because there would be more comments for me to read from, ha. I just find this certain post too degrading. At times you appear to be a feminist (ONLY when you said you want women to appreciate their beauty without makeup. until you said there’s nothing they can do if they were born ugly.), many times you sound like a shallow sexist. You probably don’t think you’re either one, and I wouldn’t have a clue how to label you as either one because most of time the things you say sounds like a contradiction. I just want you to clear it up and want to understand your thoughts about the difference of girls caking their face everyday vs. simple and light makeup, and how ugly girls can be beautiful. Or anything else I brought up in this long comment and I went a bit overboard, sorry. Anyway, thanks for this interesting post!

    • uncensoredinsight

      Hi NMC,
      Thank you for reading through my site, including all of the comments and my responses. You are one of the few that actually asked for my opinion nicely too so props to you.

      1. I don’t know many men who are okay with waking up next to a 2, 3, or 4. I’d say 4 would be the limit and anything less would be traumatic and possibly lead to impotency.

      2. Did you not see the two screenshots I took? I believe those are two different people, if not two sisters where one is beautiful and one is bleh

      3. I completely agree that she is amazing and I’ve said many times that she is really good at applying makeup. You did make a good point that I should be targeting this post at ALL makeup gurus but I don’t have time for all of them.

      4. Rating system is just the simplest way to get my message across. When I type something to the effect of “from a 4 to a 9”, I believe the general population immediately understood what I mean and I don’t have to go into explaining myself.

      Regarding you wanting to know my thoughts on:
      1. “difference of girls caking their face everyday vs. simple and light makeup” – simple and light makeup is the only way to go. It is completely acceptable to use light makeup to cover up slight imperfection or enhance a feature. Girls caking their face everyday would be fine if they look either uglier (which some do) or if they are not good enough at the art of caking. The problem is with people who know how to cake all too well.

      2. “how ugly girls can be beautiful” – it is unfortunate, but they can’t, at least not physically. Fat girls can lose weight but ugly girls have no solution other than to make sure they have a damn good personality, and for the most part, ugly girls usually have a better personality because they have been compensating for their looks all their lives. I am not being mean, I am just calling it as it is.

  34. Wow, I never thought of it this way. It’s always nice to see other people’s opinions. I think she’s like, a 6 but I’m always generous. Anyway, I didn’t agree with this line: “Now that any woman can look like a “9”, how are the men suppose to know who truly deserves their attention?”
    That’s one thing I hate about men. You (men) should be asking if you’re good enough for a woman, not the other way around. You should work for us. Like when a guy with a two incher complains about his girlfriend with A-cup boobs.
    Just saying. everything else I agree with.

    • uncensoredinsight

      Hi Viki, thanks for visiting my site and I am glad that’s the only thing you had problem with. You are entitled to believe that men “should work for” women and I agree it is dumb “when a guy with a two incher complains about his girlfriend with A-cup boobs”. My point is that a 4 putting on a new face to get the attention that a 9 gets is just wrong. To use your analogy, it would be same as a guy with a 2 incher putting on a fake 8 incher to get attention. I would also condemn this type of behavior for men, but my article is not about men so I will leave that to someone else to write about.

  35. You’re an idiot. Michelle Phan is NOT a 4 without makeup. This picture just isn’t very flattering. If you were smart enough to watch more than ONE of her videos before posting this, you would understand. And, the whole point of MAKEUP is to cover your flaws and make yourself better-looking. Being able to transform your face from a supposed “4” into a 9 should not be considered witchcraft, its TALENT. The whole reason that Lancome hired her is because of this TALENT. She’s able to show that with makeup, a
    “4” face can be transformed into a 9. All of your claims are so childish and immature. Are you therefore promoting plastic surgery by saying that its more permanent and doesn’t disappear the next day? If you want someone to show their natural beauty, then why are you saying that having a FAKE, PLASTIC face and boobs is better than using makeup to temporarily cover up your flaws? Plus, Michelle Phan may put on lots of makeup, but how does that harm YOU in any way? And who are you to be judging Michelle Phan? I bet you’re an ugly fat old pig who sits at home all day with nothing to do other than bash innocent people who are actually HELPING OTHERS in the world by teaching them useful beauty tricks.

    • uncensoredinsight

      Hi Annie, thank you for visiting. Here are my responses to your, for that lack of a better term, arguments:

      TALENTED – again, for the last time (I know it won’t be because people keep bringing this up), I completely agree Michelle Phan is incredibly talented. You aren’t making convincing arguments when you call me “idiot”, “childish”, “immature”, “ugly”, “fat”, and “pig” instead using more concrete statements to strengthen your points.

      PLASTIC SURGERY – yes, I am promoting plastic surgery if one INSISTS on changing her look. I have said that ugly girls should just face the facts and live with the face their were born with. However, if ugly girls really wanted to lie to themselves everyday then better that they get a plastic surgery than to have to reapply thick makeup everyday because at least the men won’t ever catch them looking like a 4 or less. It is the lesser of two evil.

      HARM – Michelle Phan does no harm directly because most people know what she looks like before makeup. She is helping all the 4s look like 9s so that is indirectly harming all the guys they come in contact with, and yes it would harm me if I happened to believe a 4 was a 9.

      WHO AM I TO JUDGE – Who are you to tell me I can’t judge? I can judge whoever I want. Everyone judges people everyday of their lives, yes, everyone. Just refer to my article about “Prejudice”.

  36. The comments here are evidence of what bloggers have recently been pointing out: Michelle’s fans are vicious assholes. Telling someone to get out, get laid, they must be ugly, etc. Really? You guys thinking saying that shit makes you better or smarter? Have fun with your dickery being showcased for the world to see. And I aim that to the commenters, not the writer of this article.

    • uncensoredinsight

      I don’t know about Michelle’s fans being vicious assholes, but I do understand their reaction to this article if they are truly her fans. However, I do wish her fans would use solid arguments instead of just name calling.

  37. Men like you are scum and should be put down. Simple as that.

  38. MP is famous only for presentations. I am not sure how someone can take her seriously. I guess most women who subscribe to her channel are Asians. I saw some of her makeup tutorials. None of them were designed for people who do not have slanted eyes. So basically we the ones with double eyelids aren’t gonna get anything from her. Secondly, she uses cosmetics that only the rich and famous can afford. Third, she is dumb and gives dangerous skincare tips which can cause a lot of harm to the face (watch her video on using rice water all over skin which actually can have lots of germs). Fourth, everything about her is fake. She wears lenses just to change her eye color,fake lashes, fake nails and hair color. And she recommends women to do the same. This is disgusting. If a person keeps changing everything her skin she no more stays beautiful.

    • uncensoredinsight

      Hi wiser,

      Thank you for visiting. I can’t really tell if you read my post or if you just wanted to vent your frustration with MP. Either way, I will address the things you said like I have done with all the other comments.

      Video for Asian – yes, and your point is?

      Double Eyelids – a lot of Asians have double eyelids, except Koreans.

      Expensive Cosmetics – yes, and your point is?

      Dangerous Tips – This is getting too technical. If this is true, then I would expect Lancome to have something to say about it.

      Fake – That’s my problem with her, teaching women to be fake.

  39. Decent, resonable person

    You’re jealous. I’m not even going to talk about all the contradictions and ridiculous cult-ish theories in this article, because that would be a waste of my valuable time.

    Let men be fooled if they are that foolish. I know plenty of guys that hate cakefaces and m’dear, you need to be making more friends like that if you believe Michelle is a threat.
    I stopped reading halfway cause this is the most useless bullshit I’ve ever seen. The only reason why I could see you caring so passionately is 1) You’re jealous 2) You feel threatned that so called “ugly girls” are taking yo boyz amirite? 3) Trollololol

    Who gives a shit if she’s helping women be so called “fake”. If it helps a “4” feel more confident about themselves, then lets embrace that. Its better than whatever you’re doing trying to make others look down on themselves and accept that they’ll always be ‘ugly’ and too bad so sad boo hoo. You’re disgusting.

    • uncensoredinsight

      No one is telling you to give a shit.

      Stopped reading half way? Well, then you aren’t qualified make any arguments if you haven’t read the whole article. I am not saying that will make a difference in my article, but it is something you need to learn when you want to make your case. Every point you are making has been addressed by others if you took the time to read. Normally I wouldn’t mind striking down your arguments like I did to them, but you didn’t finish reading so I’ll end it here. Thank you anyway for at least taking the time to read half of my article.

  41. I read the article and I was not sure whether or not it was a joke or just trying to rip a girl apart. What saddened me most about the entire article was the amount of venom that was displayed towards Ms. Phan. As a female, I can understand where Ms. Phan is trying to come from in her tutorials- she is trying to help girls feel better about themselves. It’s in our nature to have low self-confidence, and for many girls, wearing makeup is like masking those insecurities we have. I wear makeup occasionally, though I would say I was a “4” or less because I am comfortable in myself. Ms Phan is not committing fraud, and it shouldn’t be made illegal because so many girls feel like they need it for their own security because nobody has ever stood there, wiped the makeup off their face and told them that they are beautiful. Plus, it would be an infringement on our rights to dress or style ourselves how we want to.

    • uncensoredinsight

      I’m sorry that my article made you sad. I believe it doesn’t help for the “4” girls to assume a different identity during the day because they’ll all have to remove that makeup and face themselves at night. I anticipated clothing will be used as an argument so I already addressed this at the bottom of the article in part B. Thanks for visiting my site!

  42. Dude, I have never subscribed to a blog and have no interest in doing so. However, this was so fucking funny (and true) that I am now subscribed!

  43. After reading your interesting blog, there was one thing in particular that I had a major problem with:

    “This is simple. Enhancement surgeries last much longer than a day, most last for years, so a man won’t have to wake up the morning after with the risk of suffering irreparable emotional trauma. You won’t have to worry about screaming at the top of your lungs the next morning when the sunlight hits her makeup-less face, which may be followed by you hitting her face as a reflex response to seeing a stranger next to you. The saddest part would be that you may have been sober when you went to bed, but you will definitely wake up wishing you were drunk, or blind, … or dead”

    Unless you randomly found this one the night before and decided to have sex with her, waking up to her and being shocked should not be a problem. Furthermore, if she was your girlfriend there is a high probability that you will see her without makeup, sick, on her period, in sweats, sweating, etc. That in itself would make anyone look frumpy and reduce their ‘sex appeal’. Concluding, you should love who she is not what your eyes see. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, and looks fade with time. Even a 9 shall someday be reduced to a 4.

    I agree, women shouldn’t try to reconstruct their face, but due to the pressures of society it is almost impossible now for a woman to be happy with what she sees.

    Side note: You come across as very egotistical. I feel sorry for you, because that won’t take you very far in life. Women with natural beauty and strong characters will not find that very appealing. It makes y’all come across as very needy selfish creatures with little to no personality. I hope this isn’t true about you, because that would be a sad waste of an exsistance.

    I hope you have a nice day.

    • uncensoredinsight

      Yes, anyone will have an off day here and there so I already stated there is a “standard deviation of 1 or 2”. I don’t think an 8 ever looked like a 3 “without makeup, sick, on her period, in sweats, sweating, etc.”

      Looks fade with time is not an argument. Everyone can look good for their age. I am not comparing an 80 year old with a 20 year old.

      Thanks for feeling sorry for me, hoping that I am not a “sad waste of an exsistance [sic]” and that I have a nice day. All these less-than-subtle jabs are almost as bad as plain insults in that they still show you do not have enough “meat” to support your arguments. I applaud you for trying and I do genuinely thank you for visiting the site and taking time to comment.

  44. While reading this blog.. I experienced an overload of emotions.. from being intrigued- to anger- to being intrigued again with the comments lol.. now just confused! I agree with you.. Its true.. It is a false representation when someone presents a completely new face to you,especially in the dating arena.. then later on.. takes that face off.. That would scare the living shit out of me if I were a male! lol

    I’m a female however who wears makeup.. I watch Michelle’s videos because its.. entertaining to me to say the least. The transformations are drastic! and although I never try anything cause I cant afford to $$ wise.. I watch anyway! lol. BTW I think she’s cute without makeup.. but sizzing with it on..

    Why did I get confused? I really do not want to be a false representation , especially to guys! I wear what michelle would consider to be light makeup I suppose. A little foundation to cover up spots, finishing power and mascara! I can safely say the only thing make up( at least what I wear) does for me is… it gives me a flawless complexion. I dont try to contour orrrr change the shape of my eyes, wear fake eye lashes and so on! you get the point!! is that misleading?? I really want to know if I am misleading by having a flawless skin finish after wearing the makeup that I do wear. Without makeup the main difference would be my skin has some spots cause of pimples!! which goes away when I exfoliate and so on.. then comes back If i get another breakout.

    The features that people say makes me attractive.. Are still there without makeup.. Like my dimples, the shape of my eyes, beauty spots( which I dont cover) and lips.. I am really not trying to be conceited here people.. This is what guys have complemented me on! Just saying! i DONT EVEN AGREE LOL..

    So I guess if i had to put numbers to it and I hate doing it.. being judged on a scale!!! but in my eyes Im probably a 6.5 without makeup and a 8 with it on!( my opinion) Let me know what u guys think.. is that to misleading???!! I apologize for boring yall with my beauty regime.. and I hope this didnt seem conceited but I just want to analyze myself cause i kinda feel GUILTY that makeup makes me feel better about my skin issues.. acne and pimples.. I honestly am satisfied with my God given features ..eyes nose, lips etc.. but the skin problems!! its just suchhhhh a confidence crusherrr!!

  45. It’s interesting that you single out Michelle Phan because as far as I know every single girl would glam up like this, unless you’re so perfect you need nothing, but even uber hot babes like Megan Fox when she was at her peak looked rubbish sans makeup. Sorry pal, but I see nothing wrong with wearing makeup. You’ve made it sound like she was drowning babies while laughing in glee.

  46. Terrier Lover

    Michelle works for Lancome, a company that tests on animals, thus she profits from misery. If anything, people should know that.

    • uncensoredinsight

      Wow, completely not the direction I was going. Either way, thanks for the curve ball comment and for reading my article.

  47. Hi,
    I used to be a loyal follower of Michelle Phan videos and I have to say you’re not alone about the cake on make up thing. More than half the time I have watched her videos before I stopped, the two top comments were always concerned about how much make up she’s putting on, where she’s putting it (like putting cream liner on your water line a little bit too harshly) and what’s in the makeup itself.
    Someone actually said, “Putting on that much chemicals on CAN’T be good for your skin” and got top rated.
    I have to disagree with your rating of Michelle, even though I know it’s meant to be harmless, I actually think she looks “better” without makeup, then again, I’m a sucker for the no make-up look/natural beauty
    I find myself not lasting in her recent videos, I feel she has become somewhat fake(?) like I’m watching a prop of Lancome.
    The weirdest thing is, when I watch her older, original videos (the ones before she partnered with Lancome) my original appeal to her is back again. She seems more natural, humble and genuinely comes off as wanting to share her home remedies with people. I wish to see that Michelle Phan again.
    And unfortunately I have to agree with her being a fraud. I say unfortunately because I know one point in time someone is going to name-call me a hater and label me as jealous for this opinion. I’m a girl, and I am no foreign to the way girls have passive aggressively treat each other and fake their way to get what they want and you can tell Phan is no different. She’s using make up, the idea of beauty and a cutesy yet innocently enough approach of self confidence to warp viewers minds because these are the three things a lot of girls deal with. I remember she posted a video or something saying you should feel beautiful no matter what, talking about self-confidence and such. I was bit confused because she posted videos that involves putting a lot make up on, even for everyday.
    Someone on here said, she whitewashed her face or videos. I’m from a culture where tan is looked down on and so the wealthy uses bleaching soap to bleach their skin white. She has potential of showing that and showing videos where the dominant has fair skin, it wouldn’t surprise me if she is. Her skin also seem to be not as healthy as it used to be before Lancome.
    But anyways, I think Michelle Phan is a beautiful girl who appears to have become a victim of her own fame. =/

    • uncensoredinsight

      For disagreeing on the rating of Michelle Phan, I will defer to my previous responses to others, “While it is true that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, we all draw our lines somewhere” and “Beauty is in the eye of the general public.” I am definitely also a fan of the no makeup look.

      Thanks for checking out my website and taking the time to share your input and support!

  48. Laugh my ass off! I just thought I should type that out for you because you seem kiiiinda slow. You should probably put more thought and attention into something a little more… Important, and stuff that people actually care about.
    I rest my case.

    • uncensoredinsight

      Way to use solid arguments instead of just name calling to make your point. I wished less people cared about her but I get 300+ visits a month just on this article alone so apparently people do care. I rest my case.

  49. Wow… really do you have nothing better to do then criticize a girl you don’t even know, you are so ignorant. You are also a terrible person you are basically saying that looks are more important than anything and if you try to put makeup on to change your look a little bit then that’s not fair because men don’t get to see what you really look like…. how about looking at their personality and their soul. You are terrible!

    • uncensoredinsight

      It is obvious you didn’t read the article and are just making baseless arguments when you say “if you try to put makeup on to change your look a little bit then that’s not fair.” Taken directly from my article, I said, “There is nothing wrong with people who put on some light makeup for special occasions because most people can still guess what you look like underneath the mask”

      People need to learn to read first before stating points that have already been addressed and also name calling doesn’t ever help strengthen arguments. This isn’t even challenging to refute.

  50. Lol I think the best thing ever is when men – creatures that are mostly 2’s and 3’s at most on average think they have the right to judge women who even if they are 4’s are out of their league. It always amuses me when this happens. For example in my history class a few months ago, while I was sitting by myself and finishing homework. I overheard a loud conversation from a bunch of guys in my class from the opposite end of the room who were complaining about random female celebs that looked really bad without makeup. I tried to ignore them for as long as I could but they kept getting louder and louder. So I wearily looked up and nearly choked in laughter. Most of these guys were near anorexic thin with no muscle, had oddly shaped heads with disportionate ears. With odd looking mouths, wide spaced eyes….

    Or they were morbidly obese and had so much disgusting amounts of acne that I couldn’t fathom how they could wake up every morning and look at themselves in the mirror and not want to die. And I was very amused at this. All of these guys were criticizing women who they could never possibly touch or hope to even be acknowledged by. Yet they were so horrifically ugly and plain and less then average that I couldn’t understand how they could judge others who were much better looking. I felt truly sympathetic for them I really did. For it dawned on me. Even if these boys could get rid of their horrific acne, lose weight, or gain muscle. No matter how they changed their body through rigorous exercise…. They could never change their face. All the scars left behind from acne would never vanish and they could never use makeup or skin care products used by women to get rid or cover the immense scarring. They can’t use makeup at all to hide their naturally ugly faces, and plastic surgery is not an option for most guys either.

    So in the end it made pity them. Their horrendously ugly faces can NEVER be masked or changed. Besides think about it. The amount of ugly to average looking men DOMINATE good looking/handsome men throughout the world. Handsome men are a dying breed and a very small minority. Go out and look at the guys who pass by you on a daily basis. They’re not even on the scale of attractiveness really. So don’t hate them or be angry at them. See them as pitiful butter creatures who deserve nothing but our amusement. When you’re a motherfucking butt ass ugly man. You’re a motherfucking butt ass ugly man. Can’t change it when you’re a guy. And you’ll be stuck with that ugly mug for the rest of your life everyday 24/7.

    • uncensoredinsight

      Yes, it is the best thing ever that men judge women. Who says women aren’t judging men? I think there needs to be a lot more judging of everyone. As I have responded to another guest, everyone judges everyone they meet on a daily basis. People are just not as vocal about it, that’s all.

      “Lol I think the best thing ever is when” you think your experience is a microcosm of the world. And after all that you said, whether you like it or not, women are judged for looks far more than men are. You can pity men all you want, but men don’t mask their face because they don’t need to. Men are not valued based on their looks, they are valued based on their accomplishments and net worth. Don’t bother naming exceptions to the rule because that is what they are, exceptions.

      Although you basically went off on a tangent, I appreciate you taking the time to read my article and provide a lengthy comment. I’m glad I provided a forum for you to rant about your experience in your history class.

  51. she looks shit 24/7

  52. This post is pure comedy!! I couldn’t even read all of it, because I was laughing so hard, and I am a woman!!!! LMAO

  53. We are living in a sinful fallen world. People are just trying to survive not be moral and just. You should stop judging because it makes you sound extemely superficial and shallow. Michelle Phan is an inspiration to millions of girls. so who do you iinspire?

    • uncensoredinsight

      1. Being an inspiration to a lot of people doesn’t always mean it is a good thing. I could name off some crude comparisons but I think you get the point.
      2. I never said I am here to inspire anyone. I am here to provide my insight on random topics that I am passionate about. I am not aspiring to inspire.
      3. Everyone needs to judge everyone more. The reason there are so many fat and stupid people in America is because we stopped judging. Please refer to my article on the Duggars for a perfect example of the necessity of judging.

  54. Your article made me lol… then I realized you were serious about all this. Yes, make up is deceiving. So? Oh, no, some men may end up having one night stands with 9’s that turns out to be 4’s! Those poor guys! Oh, puh-leaze… In this photoshopping era women *never* look good enough. They get shamed on not being naturally perfect AND get shamed on for trying to look as good as possible (with make up). Ugh. Men are such whiny dicks: “She’s ugly. Can’t she clean up herself?” “Oh, she’s not as hot as I’ve imagined, she’s a fake. POOR ME”

    • uncensoredinsight

      Yes, men are whiny dicks. So?

      I’m glad my article made you lol, even if it was only temporary. Thanks for reading and visiting my site.

  55. there are many many women on this planet who applies their make up to nonrecognition. making michelle phan stop her “club makeup” is useless, it wouldn’t stop the many average makeup wearers that exist amongst us today. and honestly alot of men prefer their women, blonde, big tits, skinny, tan and lots of makeup.

    people need to appreciate natural skin more. but unfortunately its not as appealing to the eyes as a girl with eyemakeup on and blush.

    • uncensoredinsight

      Yes, people need to appreciate natural beauty more and once again, I don’t think there is anything wrong with making a 6 into a 7 or 8 with makeup. The average woman who uses makeup does just that.

  56. I agree!! She is nothing special…and super short and fat to boot, not the makings of a model by any means. Yes, I believe in natural beauty, she is teaching women indirectly that they are not good enough except with gobs of makeup. Yes its fun to play, but she needs a reality check perhaps. Seriously, be real girls, that is the best beauty trick of all!

    • uncensoredinsight

      I completely agree she is nothing special, but I don’t know her height or weight so I am not able to agree with you on “super short and fat to boot.”

      Thanks for reading the article and showing support!

  57. Funny and interesting. Very amusing, pompous style of writing which I quite enjoy.

    I disagree on the policing or controlling of such “fraud”, simply because there is too much policing already, and it should be broader, if implemented (e.g. models, actresses, etc. should not wear excessive makeup either, men should not buy fake designer stuff in an effort to appear rich, etc)–which sounds extremely impractical, to me, especially seeing as the cosmetics industry is multi-billion dollar industry that has planted itself solidly enough in society and in our brains. It’d be difficult to eradicate what it’s founded on, seeing as it’s so well-established by now.

    Oh, by the way, I used to go to a school where makeup was banned. Even lip balm with the slightest tint to it. We girls found a way to get around it, believe me. Deceit is easy especially now that formulas have vastly improved (e.g. there are foundations with nano-technology, so it looks like real skin on your face). Oh, this same school was segregated (we didn’t see the anyone from the boys section AT ALL, and the whole entire day, it was all females, teachers included). Guess what? The girls still snuck around and went wearing makeup — not to deceive potential matches into romance, or get better grades (the ugliest girls were the highest achievers, in my class)–but simply because girls… Like…. Makeup. The same way that guys like skateboarding, soccer, or what-have-you–would you ban their little toys? This is like a toy for us. That’s why you’ll see little girls’ makeup kits at Toys R Us.

    It was there in ancient Egypt; in even older times, they mixed berries and dyes with wax, powder, etc. So I think this proposed ban on fraudulent makeup would be impractical, and widely opposed, seeing as it’s in our nature to play around with our faces.

    • uncensoredinsight

      Thank you for reading my article and I am glad you enjoyed it.

      Most of my opinion are, as you can see from my other articles, impossible to implement. It is just what I think the world “should” be.

      Once again, I have nothing against makeup. As I mentioned, the deviation of 1 or 2 (making a 6 into a 7 or 8) is perfectly fine. However, when 2s become 7s? Not so much.

  58. If I may add to the comment that I left above:
    I lived a majority of my life in the kingdom of saudi arabia. My university was also totally all females, staff, students, everything. We only had male guards outside, that we never saw except when we left whilst fully decked in abayyahs/burkas/etc. The restaurants within the uni were run by women only. At this uni, there were girls from age 18 (younger, if they were geniuses) to late 30’s. Almost ALL of them wore makeup. Foundation, concealer, primer, eyeshadow, etc. The WORKS.
    Why would they do this if their supposed intention was to snag a guy, or get some kind of advantage, cheat their way through life? It’s nearly impossible to do in that kind of environment. Do you see what I mean? No fraud was involved, but makeup is a passion for many girls, a hobby, just like gaming may be for a guy.

    Also, i had friends who did niqab–i.e. their faces were fully covered. Their marriages were arranged, to the point that the man did not see their face till after marriage. THEY STILL WORE MAKEUP ALMOST EVERY DAY OF THEIR LIVES, even though there was nobody there to see it, unless they went to their friends’ house or something, where it was all girls-or in front of their family. So you see, it’s not fraud, but an innate desire to play around with our faces, make art that one can wipe off and start over the next day, so to speak.

    Your main contention seems to be that it’s deceitful to have a guy wake up and realize that the person he’s with is totally different from what he thought she was. You see, this can be taken in other ways as well–aside from looks–i.e. a girl can lie to him, appear kinder/more fun/more sporty/etc than she is. So would you somehow impose a ban on that too? I mean, we all know that lies are wrong-but how do you propose to control this- and to what extent? Why limit to makeup? Why limit to so-and-so? Would you ban padded push-up bras too? A majority of models, and normal girls, wear them.

    • uncensoredinsight

      Of course you may add to any comment you wish. I approve all comments that are not spam.

      Arab countries are exceptions to the rule because of all the culture differences, but I really find it fascinating to have someone sharing that type of experience. I can only guess that putting on makeup for the women in burkas is just their only outlet for expressing themselves.

      I think makeup is something that is easier to enforce. Misrepresentation by lying is also a form of fraud, but much harder to prove without witnesses. With makeup, all you need is a before and after picture. Push-up bras can be deceiving as well but I think it is a bigger disappointment to see uglier faces than smaller breasts.

  59. I like how you are well worded and respond to comments in a polite manner. It really increases the chances that I’ll continue reading your writing.

    I agree you with you on a lot of points. It’s surprising to me that so many girls can change their entire appearance just by using makeup. Like you said, there’s nothing wrong with putting on a bit of makeup to enhance some features, or cover some dark circles or a zit.

    I respect girls less who look absolutely different with makeup on. Instead of investing in eating healthy and exercising, “makeup gurus” like Michelle Phan promote expensive products to make viewers buy and buy. Sure, she does mention health occasionally. Honestly, even if someone does not have attractive features, just being healthy and happy is attractive. A good personality endures more than a cake face. Confidence in one’s self makes a person so much more beautiful.

    It is very deceitful to fool people with a mask of makeup. If a guy wore a ton of make up and put cucumbers in their pants, I would be disgusted. I would know he does not have enough self-esteem to accept himself for the way he is, and I would feel annoyed that I fell for his fakeness. I wouldn’t care if he knew how to dress to fit his shape or put some concealer to hide a pulsating pimple, because these minor things don’t change the original person that much. I still expect a guy to take care of himself as much as I do, though.

    Most girls are only seen as average because the media promotes extreme ideals, which is appropriate for celebrities because they have a requirement to look good. I mean, no one wants to look at average or ugly people when they want to see a movie. It’s an escape. Unfortunately, girls are judged more for their appearances, like you said, but that is the way it is.

    If I were a guy, I would look for a girl who is confident in herself and with a beautiful personality. Of course, I would still judge her at first on her looks. Health and hygiene is so important. Mainly, if people just take care of themselves (teeth, hair, skin, cleanliness), it’s usually enough.

    Of course, if someone is truly hideous or deformed, plastic surgery is by all means acceptable. If a person really hates a certain feature and it bothers them everyday, they should fix it with something permanent. Most of the time people fix themselves because it is a self-perceived flaw, and not to entice a partner.

    Anyways, the bitch in me dislikes Michelle Phan because she is full of herself, boring, has the standard annoying makeup guru voice, and her “original makeup looks” have all been done before and require not an ounce of creativity. Good for her for fooling the public and creating a career out of it. I still want to pinch her fat lip and shake some humility in her. Also her fans are psychotic. Good on you for giving your true opinion. I’m surprised she hasn’t stomped all over you with her cankles or set her hordes of sad fans on you.

    • uncensoredinsight

      Wow, you are one of the few readers who actually remember what they read before they comment, not to mention you actually get the whole point of the article.

      Evidence that you actually read the article! (I must commend one of the few intelligent readers who visited this site and bothered to share their view)
      – “Like you said, there’s nothing wrong with putting on a bit of makeup to enhance some features, or cover some dark circles or a zit.”
      – “no one wants to look at average or ugly people when they want to see a movie. It’s an escape. Unfortunately, girls are judged more for their appearances, like you said, but that is the way it is.”
      – “Of course, if someone is truly hideous or deformed, plastic surgery is by all means acceptable. If a person really hates a certain feature and it bothers them everyday, they should fix it with something permanent.”

      I am not complimenting you just because you agreed with me because I do praise intelligent argument from people who opposed me as well, like P. Nguyen, the very first person who commented. Thank you for your compliments and your support.

      P.S. I am on my last quarter of MBA program while working full time so I will resume writing again shortly.

  60. Michelle Phan is ok she is not pretty or ugly I think she is ok a normal person I love her videos I’m a fan

  61. this is some MRA-grade bullshit right here
    whoever wrote this must be really glad reddit exists I guess

    • uncensoredinsight

      What’s wrong with MRA? Moreover, what’s wrong with reddit?

      Thanks for reading my article, even if that is the conclusion you reached.

  62. This is a well written argument I must say, but you gotta think….do all men really believe that all that makeup a girl or woman has on her face is part of what she naturally looks like? Are men totally unaware of the fact that makeup and other cosmetics exist, and that most women everywhere use it on a daily basis? Men aren’t stupid. They know that it’s just makeup. Like you said, people can usually tell what women look like underneath the makeup. Secondly, this makeup look is not an everyday look. Most women do not adorn themselves everyday with makeup this heavy looking so you cannot generalize an say that this is what women are presenting to the opposite sex and that men are being deceived. And most guys I’ve talked to said thy prefer women without makeup. Any guy who is going to scream at the top of their lungs in disgust when they see their makeup-less girlfriend is obviously superficial, ignorant, shallow, immature, mean, and not worth any girl’s time.

    • uncensoredinsight

      Men do expect something different under the makeup. As I mentioned in my article the standard deviation is 1 to 2, so men are not and should not have to be subjected to a difference of 4 or 5. “Most women” are NOT able or capable to accomplishing this task so I am not saying this is what most women are presenting to men. I am saying the 3s and 4s who are making themselves look like 8s and 9s are the problems.

      “Any guy who is going to scream at the top of their lungs in disgust when they see their makeup-less girlfriend is obviously superficial, ignorant, shallow, immature, mean, and not worth any girl’s time.” Yes, and if the girl looks that different, then she is not worth the guy’s time either so I guess everyone wins.

      Thank you for reading and complimenting on my writing!

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