Religion, REALLY?

Now you may think I am here trying to convince people to sign up for atheism, but in all honesty, NO.  First of all, advocating atheism would be semi-hypocritical because I will be trying to persuade people to believe in my understanding of the world, which is that there is no god, deity, or supreme being.  Secondly, I acknowledge that religion obviously serves a purpose because every civilization in the world developed its own religion ranging from sun god and dragons to Jesus and Buddha.  Religion is basically comfort food for the people who need to rationalize problems in their lives in order to overcome them emotionally.  Finally, it is less that I support religious freedom, but more that I DON’T CARE what you believe in.

If I don’t care about what you believe in, then what’s the point of this article you ask?  Well, I do have a MAJOR problem with is when people take it too far with their religion.  Want to believe in Buddha?  Great.  Visit some temples and burn some incense.  Do not make decisions in life based on omikuji, fengsui bagua, or the lunar calendar when they affect others.  Want to believe in Jesus? Wonderful.  Attend some sermons and eat some crackers at communion.  Do not vote against abortions and gay marriages, you have your own choice of not aborting children and not being gay, leave other peoples’ lives alone.  Want to believe in Mohammad? Awesome.  Pray five times a day and read the Koran.  Do not behead non-muslims and suicide bomb buildings.

Religious people all over the world use man-made religious literature to justify all the unreasonable actions they take.  What do I mean?  Case in point, crusades killed millions and 9/11 bombing killed thousands.  Back in 2001, the President of the United States passed a policy that banned federal funding for stem cell research.  Even in the year 2009, Dr. Tiller was shot to death for being a provider of abortion by some dumb ass who obviously felt his beliefs gave him the right to take away a human being’s life.  The list examples for religious retardation can go on and on.

So why do people allow religion to guide them into making ridiculous decisions?  Perhaps it has something to do with religions are based on blind faith?  Of course!  If a person is likely to believe that a human being was able to walk on water or that people reincarnate into other live forms after they die, then that same person is just as likely to believe in a donkey that flies or a horse that talks, as long as we print a billion copies of brainwashing literature.  Example? Look at Mormonism and Scientology.  For those of you who are clueless at this point, Joseph Smith, published the Book of Mormon in 1830 and L. Ronald Hubbard founded the Church of Scientology in 1953.  As far as I am concerned, the only differences among the religions are the year they were created and the marketing strategy.  If you think about it, a cult is basically a religion that did not either catch on yet or had a bad marketing strategy.

Conclusion?  Handle your business and leave your religion in the privacy of your own home, people.  What the fuck?  Seriously, you are free to believe whatever the hell you want, as long as that is what you need to be happy and sane.  However, while you are filling the empty void in yourself with religion, realize that other people may not need the same comfort food so leave them the fuck alone.  Do not waste calories thinking about what other people believe in or how you can take away their freedom.  Just take care of yourself and allow religion to be more of a discipline than something that you must force all others to believe in.


3 responses to “Religion, REALLY?

  1. Basically we all should mind your own business, and don’t force other people to believe in what I believe in. What may be true and valid to me could be entirely wrong for you. We shouldn’t have problems with religions, but we should stop people from pushing an agenda using religion. Religions are supposed to do good, but imperfect people run these religions and taint the good.

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