The Duggars

My coworker recently introduced me to a reality TV series called “18 Kids and Counting”.  Yes, that’s not a typo, it does say EIGHTEEN.  Forget Jon and Kate plus 8.  Even the infamous Octomom has ONLY 14 children.  They have nothing on the Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar.  This freak of nature family lives in Tonitown, Arkansas.

In a nutshell, pun intended, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar married when they were 19 and 17, respectively, and they have been popping out kids every year.  Why?   Well, it’s obvious isn’t it?  They are insane.  Yes, insane is the word I use to describe religious fanatics.  All the “crazy” began when they had a miscarriage after their first kid.  With one lost baby came the next 17, last one born in December 2008.  And guess what?  They are expecting their 19th child in Spring of 2010.  The Duggars believe that children are gifts from God so they will continue having children as long as Michelle is still capable of conceiving children.

Normally I do not have any problems with people having children when they can afford to have them. However, there are a couple of major problems presented by these insane parents:

  1. Genetic abnormality – Michelle Duggar is already 43 years old.  She’s had three children after she turned 40 and she’s expecting the fourth one in a couple of months.  Studies show that for women over 40, 1 out of 4 pregnancies result in miscarriage and 1 out of 38 results in genetic abnormality.  In fact, any pregnancy after age 35 is already considered risky.  Getting pregnant at Michelle’s age is basically gambling with the new born’s health and well-being.  Something that a sound-minded Christian wouldn’t do, but a religious nut?  I think we know the answer.  If her 19th kid is born with ANY type of genetic abnormality, Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar should be shot and hung as an example to people who want to gamble with the lives of others.
  2. Psychological Impairment – No, not talking about the parents, it’s already too late to save them.  The reason I say that is because Michelle and Jim Bob are only two people and they, like everyone else, have a limited amount of time in a day to complete a number of tasks.   Even if you are a stay-at-home-mom, how many hours of quality time do you have to spend for your children?  12, 16, 20 hours?  Well, any number you choose will be a finite number under 24 so let’s do the math here.  If you had 16 hours to spend with your children in a day, how many hours of parenting can you possibly do if you have 18 kids?  Less than an hour a child?  Now is it fair that (A) your children will have less time with you just because you are a religious nut? (B) the older children be forced to act as pseudo-parents instead of having the opportunity to be a kid just because you don’t have enough time?  (C) the younger children have to settle for an older sibling as a parent? No, No, and NO.
  3. Infectious disease – Yes, having their show on TV and letting the rest of the country know about shows featuring families with too many kids (much like Jon and Kate and the Octomom) will create the illusion that this type of insanity is not only tolerated but promoted by society.  Who would be so gullible and suffer enough mental retardation to want to follow suit?  You forget that there are still plenty of people in the Bible Belt states who can be easily convinced by the Duggars’ cultish ideology.  Imagine that, retarded people getting together and having ten plus children.  It’s almost like Southern California except that in Southern California, it’s with retarded POOR people.

Conclusion?  Shows like this must stop.  Behaviors like this must be stopped.  Society as a whole needs to frown upon this type of abominable media and families.  To continue down this path would only guarantee the demise of our future generations as more “Duggars” overpopulate our world.


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